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November 6, 2009 - Peoria, Arizona, United States


Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I have last updated.  Go figure!  Life has been a little hectic lately.  All good things though.  As most of you know, I am still out in Arizona doing Anything Goes.  We only have a little over a week left before I head back to Ohio.  I don’t know what I am going to do.  Yesterday I was lying out by the pool and soon I will be wearing a coat.  The weather here is so beautiful.  It was literally 93 degrees yesterday!  It’s amazing.  You know me, I love lying out by the pool.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I also am currently doing a children’s show The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  It only runs three weekends.  Our final performance is tomorrow morning.  They had asked me to be a part of it, and I figured it would be a little extra money, so I accepted.  We rehearsed that show in one week.  So that week was pretty crazy.  We had rehearsal almost every day from 10am-4pm and then had Anything Goes at night.  So that week was rough.  But Sleepy Hollow will end tomorrow.

There was also a week where I wasn’t sure what I was doing with my life.  And what I mean by that is, I had 3 potential job offers on the table at once…all of them which interfere with the holidays.  So I was trying to weigh out my options, and think of what is most important to me.  It was very difficult.  Do I turn down 3 months of work just so I can be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  I also got offered to do my favorite show 42nd Street down in Florida.  I have wanted to do that show so badly.  So now this is the second time I had to turn it down.  If I were to accept the 42nd Street contract we would have had a show at 2:00pm on Christmas Eve, which would make it almost impossible to make it home for Christmas.  It just stinks.  So I was freaking out a lot.

In the end, I ended up picking a job that rehearses in December.  So we actually have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off!  Great, right?  Awesome!  However, this job is back out here in Arizona.  That means, EXPENSIVE FLIGHTS!  So now that I finally got a job that gave me Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off…it was now a matter of money.  Which again, stinks!  It came down to the question: How much money are you willing to spend to come home for TWO DAYS?!?!  $500.00?  $600.00?  YIKES!  It’s crazy!  Family & Christmastime is so important to me.  There is no place like home for the holidays.  So after thinking long and hard about it…I am coming home for Christmas!  I mean, would I really want to sit out here all alone on those two days by myself?  So I do think it’s worth it.  Anyways, as you can see, I have been stressing out a lot!  Aiy Aiy Aiy!

So here is my plan!

I will be flying home on November 16th.  I then will be home for about 4 weeks.  I then will fly back to Arizona on December 17th.  Then I will fly home on the night of the December 23 and be home for December 24 & 25, and then fly back to Arizona on the morning of the 26!  I will be in Arizona until February 21.  Crazy!

So now you may be wondering what show I am doing next.  The next show I will be doing is “Gypsy”.  It’s a classic musical theatre piece.  Some of you may have heard of it before.  I will be in the ensemble playing Yonkers and understudying the role of Tulsa.  I never really had a desire to do this show.  However, I would love to play the role of Tulsa, so understudying that part will be a cool credit to have. 

About two weeks ago a group of us decided to go hiking!  It was amazing I have never experienced anything ever like it before.  It was about 95 degrees and we hiked up this HUGE mountain 1.2 miles.  It was basically straight up!  It was sort of easy at the beginning.  But, towards the middle & top, it was intense.  I was just grabbing anywhere I could to get myself up the mountain.  It took us about an hour to get up, and then we spent about 1.5 hours up top, then it took about another hour to get back down.  I have posted some pictures so be sure to take a look.  It was called Camelback Mountain.

Also, I just recently set up a volunteer day for the cast of Anything Goes.  We have had a few days off here and there so I thought it would be wise to use our time and GIVE BACK!  So I did some research and came across a website for Arizona’s Children Association.  I was in talks with the volunteer coordinator and finally picked a program, a date, and a time for us to go in and play with the kids.  We ended up going into Phoenix yesterday afternoon.  We went to a local community center which has an after school recreational program for underprivileged kids.  We spent two hours at the center.  We spent the first hour playing games with the kids, and we even did a little tap dance for them.  We spent the second hour playing their game…KICKBALL!  Boy, did they wear us out!  It was so much fun.  Before we said our goodbyes, we passed around some show photos and programs for the kids to see.  They were so intrigued.  I am hoping that we were able to inspire the kids to dream big and let them know that people do care about them and their futures.  Hopefully we made some sort of impact.  It was a lot of fun though.  If you are reading this, I challenge you to give back.  Do you have an extra hour?  Or two?  What are you passionate about: kids, animals, the elderly, equal rights, the environment, or the people who will be alone and hungry this Thanksgiving?  What pulls your heart strings?  If we all just did a little bit, just think of the huge difference we could make as a society.

Okay, that’s enough of that talk.  It’s actually a cloudy day today.  Go figure.  Ha!  I guess that’s why I am writing this entry now.  Lord knows, I would be out by the pool if the sun was shining.

Oh I forgot to mention that I also flew to NYC this past Sunday for a callback for a national tour.  I literally finished my show on Sunday night a little before 10:00pm.  I raced to the airport to catch my 11:30pm flight to NYC.  I landed in NYC at 5:58am.  I then preceded to my friend Ashley’s apartment where I was able to take a quick hot shower and grab a quick bite to eat.  I was at the studios auditioning from 10:00am until about 1:45pm.  The audition went really, really well.  I then walked around until about 3:00pm with Ashley.  Then I boarded the subway, made it to the airport around 4:30pm and then boarded a plane back to Arizona at 6:00pm.  Landed back in Arizona at 10:00pm on Monday night.  That was CRAZY INSANE!  So much in a 24 hour time period.  In the end, I didn’t end up getting the job.  It’s okay though.  It just wasn’t meant to be.  I am happy that I went and gave it another shot.  I would have kicked myself if I didn’t go.  I did a very good job and am happy with what I did.

Okay, I am done for now.  I feel like I wrote so much.  I just had so much to say though.  I haven’t updated in awhile.

Take good care and I will see a lot of you very soon!

PS For Halloween I went as the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.






Park Night!
Sunday Night Off!
Camelback Mountain!
Camelback Mountain!


November 6, 2009
Matt! I am obsessed with Fuzzy Travel, now, thanks to you! I have even created my own travelogue for my upcoming world cruise! I miss you! I am so glad you finally updated - I've been waiting!

And just to let you know, YOU inspire me Matthew. You have me so anxious to help out and plan something! Thanks for that!

xoxox Lil Boy!


Congrats on GypsY!!!!!
uncle dale:
November 7, 2009
can't wait to see you matt. that better not be a real snake! yuk!!! love, uncle dale.
November 7, 2009
LOVE..LOVE.. LOVE the pics. Can't wait till you get home. Look out pumpkin pie!!!! love you
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