Almost ready now!

July 31, 2015 - Wollongong, Australia

Margaret has committed to talking at a Hunter Valley Law Practitioners Conference tonight. (She does like to make efficient use of her time!) That meant she was all ready to go this morning and I dropped her at the station for the 9:35am train to Sydney. So far it seems to be runningt to plan.

I came home to pack my bags and to organise the flat. We may have been a little ambitious in our grocery shopping recently and I cooked some soup with the vegetables, leaving just enough for my evening meal. So when we come home there will be soup for at least three meals. Of course the weather will be warmer (wishful thinking?) so the soup may be superfluous.

The most important task apart from my bags was to print out our new e-tickets. Our bid for Business Class on the Abu Dhabi leg has been successful so we should have a more relaxing flight for the long-haul. Margaret will meet me at the airport and we will check-in almost as soon as the flight opens. That's just me. I like to make sure I am not stretched too far, but it will also mean we can take it easy in the Etihad Lounge before our flight, get a meal and maybe even have a drink.

I can't really believe I am writing this and sounding like a different person to the bloke who said "Never again" when he arrived back in Australia less than two years ago.

Margaret has mapped out our itinerary and booked hotels, trains and tours to fill in our time away, and done an extraordinary job coordinating everything. Yes I did leave the last entry hanging a little and made it seem we would be free and easy travellers but it is all organised and we will go from Emily and Tom's Wedding to London for a fleeting one night visit before going on to Paris for 4 nights and then on to Spain for the remainder of our time. We will be on a Photo tour in the south of Spain for 5 days which was the thing that enticed us to Spain. Between arriving in Barcelona and the tour there is plenty to see and do. After the Photo Tour we will spend a few more nights in Ronda before heading to Barcelona for our flight home.

Well, we can't wait (obviously) so here we GO!



July 31, 2015
Safe travels x
August 1, 2015
Have a wonderful holiday and safe travels
Judy Crewe:
August 3, 2015
Sorry about typos in my last, should proofread. I don't like predictive text when the iPad assumes it know what I intend to write, usually wrong.
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