Rest day in Torrox

September 6, 2015 - Torrox, Spain

Our photo tour had a rest day and we decided to leave our cameras behind today. We teamed up with the other two photographers, Jenny and Chris, to take a taxi to the caves at Nerja where there is cave art.

Our plan was to have breakfast at the local bar/restaurant and then have them phone for a taxi. Jenny was feeling a bit sore and sorry after the last few days of playing mountain goat up and down hills and steps, and after a poor nights sleep so she decided to skip the idea of breakfast, and the steps to the plaza. The remaining three headed off but the plan was thwarted when all was locked and silent. We walked further down the hill and spotted a little cafe where, with the help of an English speaking patron, we ordered some toasted rolls and coffee as a poor substitute for a Full English and the proprietor also agreed to call us a taxi when we returned with Jenny at 11am.

Without the Spanish word for caves we managed to communicate with the driver that we wanted to go to Nerja which was fine but we headed toward the more popular area on the coast, a pleasant enough trip but not quite where we needed to be. With a little help from Mr Google we managed to get to the right place, Cueva de Nerja was the name we were searching for, and stand in a line for tickets to the caves so it all worked out in the end.

The caves were interesting as there were large chambers with large formations but they were dry and a bit soiled from many, many visitors over many, many years. We had elected to go, in part, for the promise of some cave art but that area is not open for tours and we decided that a drink at the cafe was more important than paying extra for a visit to the museum. As we left the cave through the obligatory gift shop I found a book on the cave art of the Cueva de Nerja and found only two photographs of cave art. The rest of the book talked about the chambers we had visited.

After our drink we had the girl at the gift shop ring for a taxi and went back to Torrox for a light lunch, with a little bottle of white wine, and then a siesta before returning to the fray. Well returning to the plaza for drinks and dinner. We found seven 

of the painters already there and joined another table to theirs. The group grew as other painters arrived and the night became our usual noisy crowd, almost overpowering the other rowdy tables in the plaza. The poor waiter was a little overstretched as he was by himself but he managed to keep the orders straight.

After another cheery night as a group we decided to call it an early night and headed for our rooms about 11pm. Spanish nights are deceptive when you go for dinner at 8pm!

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Judy Crewe:
September 7, 2015
What fun you are having. Spanish nights are like Greek, siestas help the stamina last of course. X
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