Our last day in Ronda

September 1, 2015 - Ronda, Spain

Today was our last day in Ronda before heading to Malaga to link up with the photo tour. We left our bags at the hotel and went for a walk around the town where we stumbled upon Casa del Rey Moro (?house of the moorish king) which is built on the site of a Moorish palace and contains La Mina, a set of hand dug tunnels and steps down to the river level for access to the water.

It was very daunting going down as the prospect of the climb back up loomed large in our minds but the effort was rewarding both for the tunnels and arches within the mine and for the pleasure of the views of the river and town from the cool shade of the gorge.

The gardens of the house also offered a beautiful shaded area, with a cafe, where we sat with refreshing glasses of soft drink. We are scheduled to return to Ronda later in the trip and already we look forward to a visit to this cafe.

We had to move on after relaxing in the shade so, after a chat with the waitress, we walked up the hill and back to our hotel where we sat in the lounge and read magazines for a while before collecting our bags and ordering a taxi. We had a little while to wait before our train and that gave us time to appreciate the rather beautifully tiled building.

More of this to come when we get busy with writing once more .....

Especially about the train trip down through the gorge to Malaga.

To be continued or at least expanded.


Morning light in Ronda
Our hotel on the edge
Moorish Bridge
Puente Viejo
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