Gypsies in the hill

September 11, 2015 - Granada, Spain

We had visited The Alhambra on our photo tour and, although we would still find plenty to see, we decided to go to Sacromonte where we should get a view of Granada and of The Alhambra.

Caught the C2 bus from Plaza Nueva - these are just some of the buses we have to dodge walking down the Calle de Dorro with all the tourists. Our hotel is just behind the row of tourist shops and it is so peaceful.

We missed the stop at the high point on the bus route so took a chance at the next stop which was back down near the river again. There we stumbled on signs for the Museo de Romi Temporary Entrance. A good thing really. The pathway and gardens climbed back up the hill revealing wonderful views back down the valley to the city and The Alhambra.

The museum itself was fascinating and worth the €5 entry fee although I feel the place will get a bit tired and seedy fairly quickly. The museum dealt with the cave-dwelling gypsies on the hillside here, their history and the history of cave houses throughout the world. It also had a lot of interesting things about the local environment and sustainability.  There are still many people living in the cave-dwellings although many of them these days look anything but are more a house with the back rooms dug into the hillside.

After a soft drink in the shady cafe in the gardens and watching the antics of the caretaker's cat we walked down to the road once more and caught the bus back to finish the circuit back at Plaza Nueva.

While I had a quiet afternoon Margaret walked down to the Cathedral and did the tour inside. Her photos look magnificent.

I met Margaret in the Plaza at 7pm and had a drink and Tapas at one of the cafes.


Granada Cathedral from Sacromonte
The Alhambra
Cave Houses at Sacromonte
Cave Houses at Sacromonte
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