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September 14, 2015 - Ronda, Spain

Prue and Tom drove up to Ronda from their place near Estepona and met us at our hotel about 11am. After introductions we walked up to the Puerte Nuove and down to the cafe at La Mina where we sat with coffee and talked for a while. Discussions from Family History through Philosophy  to Physics occupied a long coffee break as they often do. Hunger got the better of us and we walked back up the hill and across to the Duquesa de Parcent for lunch. Tom and Prue had been given it as a recommendation by some friends and our experience had told us the same so it was definitely first choice.

We initially looked at sitting on the lower terrace but the wind began to pick up even before we had looked at the menus so we gathered what we could and headed back up to the enclosed area where we found a table by the window. We watched others brave the winds and whipping table linen and thought smugly that we had made the best choice and made it early enough to get the best table. The food and wine was wonderful and and yet the conversation continued to flow as we ate our way throigh starters and mains.

Prue had prawns followed by lamb chops, Margaret had gazpacho followed by lamb shoulder, Tom had avocado and prawn salad followed by lamb leg while I had a salad then grilled salmon. Unfortunately my salmon came decorated and draped with a tomato, chilli and garlic salsa but it was returned to the kitchen with a nod and a smile even though I hadn't mentioned my garlic allergy when ordering. I thought they would just clean off the salsa but instead the chef made up a new salsa without the garlic, and perhaps with a fresh piece of salmon.

All our meals were superb, there is no other word for it, they were well presented and our local white wine was clean, crisp and delightful. The service was attentive without being intrusive or officious and all the time the conversation flowed. Before we knew it the afternoon had slipped away. We were presented with a luscious deeply coloured, raisin scented, sweet wine with the bill and that kept us sitting for another half hour before we left and walked around the church and square to the south and returned then to the northern side of the bridge. We found a cafe in the plaza behind our hotel and sat for a while with coffees and the conversation continued. I don't think Margaret or Prue wanted to stop talking as it would mean then not seeing each other again until we returned to Spain or Prue and Tom come to Australia.

All good things must come to an end and we eventually escorted Prue and Tom to their car which was parked in the hotel car park. After final hugs and kisses they drove off and we returned to our room about 8:30pm. Some lunch! A delightful couple and a very enjoyable way to spend the day.


Prue, Tom and Margaret
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