Off to the United Kingdom this time

July 4, 2016 - Sydney, Australia

Margaret and Max are off again. This time we are headed to the UK to attend Will & Bex's wedding. Our route will take us to Doha in Qatar for a few days stopover before flying on to Edinburgh.

From Edinburgh we will get a bus to Glasgow where we will spend a weeek or so and meet up with Sarah, David and Lucie as well as Zack and Rosie and Olly. We will leave them to their own travels while we head up to Oban to explore the Western Isles.

After Oban we will head south to stop in Falkirk, Kirkby Stephen and Nottingham before going to Derby for the wedding.

When we recover from the wedding we will take a train to York for a couple of nights then on to Edinburgh to fly home.

It should be a fun trip and we are looking forward to seeing all the extended family in Derby.









Judy Crewe:
July 4, 2016
Enjoy your travels. I'm starting mine on Saturday.
Judy x
July 5, 2016
Safe and happy travels to you all xx
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