A quiet Sunday in Glasgow

July 10, 2016 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Not too much to do today. We had a good breakfast at the CitizenM and then relaxed in their lounge area and wrote up yesterdays journal and read for a while.

The weather is cool and a little damp. What else should we expect?

Sarah rang to say Zack and Rosie and Olly were on their way to Glasgow by train and she and David and Lucie were driving up with the luggage. Their apartment is about 2.5 miles away so rather than walk we will take a taxi over to have dinner with them.

With that in mind we went out to Tesco and bought a couple of bottles of wine. We were glad we took coats and an umbrella when we went as it was raining on the way back to our hotel.

I had been feeling poorly most of the afternoon so Margaret caught a taxi on her own to meet the others for dinner and I went to bed. Margaret arrived back about 11:30pm after a good evening spent with Sarah, David, Lucie and the boys as well as Emily and Finn.

I was very sorry to have missed out but there was no chance that I could have gone. I spent most of the night feeling feverish and throwing up. Be better tomorrow I hope.


Judy Crewe:
July 11, 2016
Sorry you are ill Max, hope you soon recover, annoying being sick when you are on your travels and don't want to miss anything. Tokyo is going well. I'm tempted to have a Middle Eastern stop next time. Yours always sound so interesting. I'm off to Mt Fuji tomorrow and will probably freeze after 29deg in Tokyo today. Cheers, Judy
Sue Bonjer:
July 11, 2016
Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. glad that Sarah and family arrived safely in Glasgow, hope that the weather improves for you.
thanks for keeping us up to date on your travels.
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