Searching for a suit

July 11, 2016 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Just tea and toast for breakfast for me this morning and I am not certain I should be eating that.

Sarah, Lucie, Emily and Finn met us at our hotel and David, Olly, Zack and Rosie came along a bit later to join up for the great suit search. Both Zack and Olly need to buy a suit for the wedding so today is the day. I was still under the weather so I stayed at the hotel and will have to defer my suit shopping until later. This way Margaret will know the places to look.

Margaret returned about 4:30pm to report that both Zack and Olly found very good suits and have put the jackets in for a bit of alteration to take in the waist line. We will go out tomorrow or Wednesday to look for my suit.

I remained in the room, still with a bit of a temperature and a queasy stomach while Margaret went over to have dinner with the others.


Sarah and Lucie and Finn at the CitizenM
Lucie tries out the multi level seat
More of the lounge area at the CitizenM

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Sue Bonjer:
July 12, 2016
Hope you feel better tomorrow Max
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