July 12, 2016 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Well. A new day and a new man. We had a substantial breakfast to fortify us for the day and then after doing a little Glasgow Trip Planner to work out the bus route for the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Margaret and I walked down to Bath Street for the 77 bus. We weren't too sure of the system of ticketing or the pricing and hoped to buy tickets from the driver. Margaret had seen signs on other buses advertising a £3.80 day pass so she had £8+ of shrapnel ready. 'Two day passes. £9 please, love.' Of course the quickest way would have been to change a £10 note but the drivers do not handle cash. It just goes straight into the viewing chamber and he keeps his hands free of the filthy lucre. Thankfully the Brits in general are;

a) happy to stand in a queue, and

b) patient enough to wait while some Aussie fiddles with unfamiliar coins.

We climbed to the top deck and enjoyed the view from the very front while we clattered through overhanging chestnuts and the like until we were in sight of Kelvingrove. Of course we went one stop too far but it was only a short walk back to the museum. As arranged between them last night, we waited at the front to meet Olly, Zack and Rosie but it was a bit cold for Antipodeans so we went inside and found a seat to wait. Shortly afterward Olly wandered in and then Zack and Rosie.

They had been waiting at 'the other front', the entrance from the car park. The building looks pretty much the same from either direction and they had seen it when they passed on their way back from the University last night so all responsible can be forgiven the minor miscommunication. I was on my deathbed when arrangements were made last night so I absolve myself of responsibility.

We all wandered through in generally the same sequence of galleries and this time I may have been the slowest as I enjoyed looking at the painting styles of the 'Glasgow Boys' as well as the designs and furnishings of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Mary Macdonald Mackintosh and we all crossed paths occasionally until the boys thought it was time for a drink. Olly and Zack intended to do a tour of a distillery so Olly headed off to ring up for details while Rosie, Zack, Margaret and I went up to see the Dali painting 'Christ of St John of the Cross'. Whether you are religous or not this painting and the dramatic angle is very powerful and a good way to finish a visit. We retired to the cafe for cups of tea, and no there was nary a touch of envy for those off for a wee dram.

Once bitten, they say, so we pooled our shrapnel and collected a bus fare together for Rosie and we caught the bus back to Renfrew Street where we then walked down to the Gallery of Modern Art to complete a cultural sort of day. I am not a great fan of contemporary art but I did appreciate some of the symbolism in the installations of Cosima von Bonin (such as a fish sitting at a school desk) and the photography of Wolfgang Tillmans. The installation art of Jaqueline Donachie did nothing for me but her interviews with nursing staff and sufferers of Myotonic Dystrophy were more revealing when I sat down to read transcripts.

I left Margaret and Rosie browsing in the Gift Shop (there always is) and walked back to the hotel for a little nanny nap (as if I haven't slept enough over the last couple of days).


After Max left, Rosie and I browsed in the gift shop fo a while. We both liked a mug with a cartoon of three dinosaurs at a barbecue, and a fourth saying 'I brought hummus', with the caption 'Who invited the herbivore?'

I rang Sarah and found out that they had all gone to Stirling, seen the castle and were doing a bit of browsing around the town. Rosie and I decided we were hungry, so we went off to Jamie Oliver's Italian Cafe (where Max and I went on Saturday) and had a garlic prawn linguine and a cocktail each. George Square was buzzing with the activity of the Homeless World Cup, and we watched for a few minutes as a couple of teams in bright t-shirts did a bit of warming up on the periphery.

We came back to the hotel and had a coffee at the bar, waiting until someone with a key would be home to let Rosie in. After she left I went up to our little capsule-like room to find Max reading. He felt much better but is still a bit fragile.

We went down to the bar about 7:30pm for a drink and Max had a sandwich before we took some nibbles (well, popcorn anyway) and retired to the room to watch 'In the Heart of the Sea'. We had begun watching it on the flight from Doha to Edinburgh but had only seen the first half. It was the only movie on the hotels huge list of movies that we had not seen and were interested in seeing.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Inside the main hall of Kelvingrove Art Gallery
The Mackintosh galleries
Wellington wears two hats

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July 13, 2016
I'm enjoying your trip, folks!
Sorry you've been off colour, Max.
Love to all from Mair.
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