A lazy day in Nottingham

July 28, 2016 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

We know we should be inspired to rush up to the castle and explore the tunnels and play Robin Hood but after a late and lacklustre breakfast (perhaps lacklustre because we were the last) we felt lazy today. While chatting over breakfast we described the hotel and breakfast as uninspired and that may be a contribution to our state of mind.

Margaret walked over to see what David, Sarah and Lucie were planning and I stayed in the hotel foyer adding to the journal. We have both had our Global SIM accounts re-activated but cannot use the phones because the remaining credit has been cancelled. Shirty emails have been sent as you can understand. It is just as well we have access to the internet as we obviously cannot ring to complain!

Margaret returned with little enthusiasm for any plans the others have so we walked over to West Bridgford to look for a salon for Margaret to have her nails done. Just an excuse for a walk as far as I was concerned. I left Margaret at the nail salon and walked back in the slight drizzle that replaced the morning sun.

Margaret walked back about 2pm and we spent the rest of the afternoon sending emails, catching up on news and continuing our battle with the phones. Being out of telephone contact was making organisation difficult so we put some credit on her phone. Somehow life has come to rely on everyone having a mobile phone to coordinate things. Whatever did we do without them. From simple telephone calls to internet access and navigation they have become central to modern life.

We walked around the corner to Will and Bex's and had dinner with everyone. Olly, Zack and Rosie had arrived today so the house and dinner table was crowded and busy as everyone caught up on what the others had been doing and passed the food around the table.

Olly and his luggage would come with us tomorrow as well as other luggage. We said goodnight after dinner and Zack and Rosie accompanied us to the hotel to put some of their luggage in our car to take to Derby. This should ease the strain on car space for people and luggage.

We gave Rosie her little birthday present for tomorrow - the highland cow had become her favourite animal since she bought a very shaggy toy one at the Kelvingrove Museum for her little brother, so we got her a highland cow coaster and bookmark calendar.


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