The day after in Derby

July 31, 2016 - Derby, United Kingdom

Margaret and I met Sarah at breakfast in the morning and Will's mother Sarah joined us soon after. The others that were staying at Jurys Inn staggered in a little later. Sam and Lucy came down with Alfie but Mabel stayed in bed then Lucie, Olly, Zack and Rosie came down as well so we gathered in more tables and chairs. Caroline with Florence and Elouise and Emily with Fin came over from their apartment and met us for some breakfast as well so it was a big family meal again.

When the staff started setting up for the Grill Restaurant we dawdled toward the lounge in the foyer and eventually agreed to meet up at the cathedral square to have coffee and make farewells to many. David, Sarah and Lucie were heading for Manchester by car, Sam, Lucy, Alfie and Mabel were driving back to Kent via Will and Bex's in Nottingham. Ollie, Zack and Rosie were walking to the station to catch a train to Manchester. Will's mother, Sarah also walked to the station to go to London. Margaret and I remained talking to Rachel, Hannah and Sophie while Matthew drove Caroline with Florence, Elouise and their luggage to the station for her train to Manchester where it seems she was bocked into the same airport hotel as the Aussie contingent.

Matthew returned a little later to collect Rachel, Hannah and Sophie to drive over to visit Will and Bex in Nottingham and we all arranged to meet up for dinner later. Margaret and I headed back to the Jurys Inn for a bit of R&R instead. We managed to go through photos from the wedding, catch up some of the journal and have a little Nanny Nap.

At 7pm we headed back down the street to meet the Canadian Contingent at Pizza Express. A bottle of wine, pizza and a LOT of chatter. We hadn't had much time with Matt and Rachel before now and we made up for lost time. Too soon it was time to call it a night. Matt and Rachel still had to drive to their apartment to check in. They assured us that a late check in was easy. Margaret and I had a train to catch in the morning so we walked back towards the car park with them and then took our farewells and crossed the road to the hotel.


Row houses in the dawn light
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