Going Home

August 3, 2016 - Wollongong, Australia

As I said last night I was up at 3am and roused Margaret at 4am to pack and get ready to catch the Airport Express bus to Edinburgh Airport. We planned on making sure we were out the door by 4:40am to get the 5am shuttle. In fact we left the hotel in time to be on the 4:40am bus. The ride through the dawn streets of Edinburgh showed us parts of the city we hadn't seen before, although not necessarily the parts in which Edinburgh takes pride.

When we arrived at the airport a helpful chap in a uniform (official assistant?) directed us to the area for our flight check-in but said it would be about half an hour before it opened. We joined half a dozen others waiting in the general area and formed the basis of a queue that grew slowly over the next half hour. We were processed pretty quickly once the counters were opened and joined the shuffling line for passport control (electronic) and security screening. That all went by smoothly and was even organised enough to have plenty of spaces to repack laptops and iPads, pull up sagging trousers and rethread belts.

Our search for something resembling breakfast in the food and coffee outlets saw us with toasted sandwiches and coffee to try to assuage our growling stomachs and to get ready for the next seven hours locked in an aircraft. While we waited near the boarding gate we had a pleasant conversation with a woman doing a survey for Edinburgh Airport which helped pass the time before our flight boarded.

Once airborne I had another little contretemps over breakfast. I think the Qatar Air food is all packed in Doha and the return flights have the remaining packages which turns out to be the ones no-one on the outward flight wanted. Strangely enough no-one on the return leg wants them either. They eventually found a scrambled egg for me. Perhaps one that was being saved for the Flight Crew or am I too cynical.

Our transit at Doha was simple and we still had enough Qatari Riyal in our travel kitty to afford a reasonable meal and a drink while we waited for the long flight to Sydney. A long and boring flight punctuated by periods of extreme boredom, movies, trivia quiz, meals(?) and some sleep. If I wrote about it I would bore you stupid.

We did land at 5:30pm Sydney time as scheduled then off the plane, through passport control, picked up some duty free booze and cleared customs in less than an hour. Once outside we rang the AirPark service and they sent the shuttle bus and had our car waiting for us at the depot. That may have cost us a bit more than booking through the local airport shuttle service and a lot more than catching trains but the system worked very well and was much more convenient on a cold night.

After all that airline food (again I add I raise a quizzical eyebrow, food?) we decided we needed something tastier and more filling so we took a little stop at St George Leagues Club for a real meal before driving home. I drove home with a little nodding girl beside me who sometimes fell asleep in mid-sentence. We were home and unpacked by about 9pm so a bit over three hours since getting off the aircraft.

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August 9, 2016
Welcome back to the land of Oz. I am going to miss the daily journals... it was pure escapim being a part of your life while stuck in the everyday working world. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day while you have travelled. I am really looking forward to seeing you guys when you get back to forster. Vx
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