Off to the other side of the world again

August 22, 2017 - Wollongong, Australia

Yes, yes, yes, we are doing it again.

At some unearthly hour of the morning of Monday 28th we are flying to Europe. A 6am departure means Check-In opens at 3am. Who booked that - not me. And not Margaret either. We are flying Emirates and it just happened to be the better choice of arrival time in Dubai.

In 2015 we did a trip that included a Photo Tour with Photograph Andalucia. On the tour we met with a couple of other semi-serious photographers and a bunch of semi-wild artists. That was such an enjoyable time that when we were contacted  by Photograph Andalucia about a 2017 tour and realised that Chris and Jenny, the two photographers from 2015, would be there again we decided to go along.

We were not as brave as Chris and Jenny however. This time they have signed on as artists. I am sure my artistic talents would not be appreciated (or properly appreciated) so Margaret and I have signed on again as photographers. There are pros and cons for this as we think about it in retrospect.

On the plus side we will be chauffered about to some of the best sights in the region and have access to different types of culture, as well as being expected to work a little outside our personal comfort zone as far as type, or style, of photography is concerned. We will also get lunches and morning teas in all sorts of places along the way.

When pondering the previous I realised that the artists have an advantage. They are taken to one spot to observe, draw, sketch and or paint, usually in a shady garden or park, and have lunch and morning tea brought to them.

Perhaps we should have thought longer before we committed ourselves.

No, I think we will remain as photographers or at least Happy Snappers.

Our itinerary will take us to Dubai for a few nights as a useful recovery from the long haul in cattle class, before heading on to Barcelona to begin our Spanish sojourn. From Barcelona we head to Malaga and then to the little village of Torrox where our Photo Tour is based.

After the tour we head for Toledo to spend a bit of time looking around La Mancha in a hire car. We will then move on to Bilbao via Valladolid. From Bilbao we intend to take a hire car and go on to Puente Viesgo to look around some of the cave art sites and spend a bit of time looking at early human history. This part is based a little on a tour offered by New Scientist magazine which was scheduled at the same time as the Photo Tour.

We return again to Bilbao and drop off the car before heading to Valencia via Madrid and then hop a plane to Lisbon where we take on the sights of Portugal with a bunch of bus tourists. I guess it is one way to see a lot in a hurry. After our time in Portugal it is back on board a plane bound for Dubai and a short stopover before heading home again.

It all sounds a bit frantic when I type it out but we are both looking forward to it.

Just counting the sleeps now.


August 22, 2017
Have fun you guys! It sounds like the trip of a lifetime. The photos i have seen in your collections are remarkable and you will both be contributing some amazing shots. Enjoy!
Judy Crewe:
August 22, 2017
You'll have a great time (after you recover from the early morning start - I think I'd be staying up all night). Spain is lovely and I look forward to seeing your picturer as and reading your comments.
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