A day of rest in Barcelona

September 5, 2017 - Barcelona, Spain

After late nights and early risings we looked forward to a leisurely start today. In fact our room opens to an atrium that sees little of the morning sunlight so it was 9am before we even thought about rising, let alone beginning the day. Our plan for the day was to wander up to the Museu del Modernisme, in keeping with the Modernist themes of yesterday.

We walked up La Rambla and came across the Café Eskolada which offered a pretty good selection for Desayunos (breakfast). That all sounded the sort of thing we were looking for so we went in and sat down. After a bit of waiting around we started to get a bit antsy and got up to look for somebody to serve us. Shortly after a chap ushered us out to the 'terazzo' which was alongside the markets. The market stalls were still preparing their produce for sale and the area was relatively quiet. Our table was one of the first occupied and the others began to fill up while our fried eggs and bacon were delivered We also had toast and marmalade because Max likes his eggs with toast. Of course we needed coffee; café con leche for Margaret and café con leche doblé for Max, and it was even better coffee than usual.

Suitably strengthened for the day ahead we made our way through the market which had been getting busier as we ate our breakfast. The main gates were crowded with people standing and chatting but we went past there to another alley and back to La Rambla and continued heading for the Museum.

Unusually we entered the Museum through the gift shoppe, but in this case that meant one person controlled sale of gifts, and of tickets. The entry looked unprepossessing but once inside we found many things to pore over. The entry arch itself was a large stained glass with pictures of birds, some looking remarkably like the Australian Eastern Rosella and Red Wattle Bird but unfortunately there was no explanation that covered the birds, only for the artist and artwork.

Beyond the entry on the first floor were several pieces of furniture, secretaires, beds and dressers as well as several items of door furniture. A number of designers, including Gaudi, were represented. I especially liked a door pull and a door peephole screen; the purpose of each was unrecognisable when presented in a display cabinet until you read the label.

Downstairs there was more artwork, sculpture and stained glass that kept us interested for another hour or so. We both particularly liked a painting of a young girl in a round frame that had her elbow leaning on the frame with a shadow below it. That technique made it appear very three-dimensional.

We walked back down Rambla Catalunya and La Rambla where I left Margaret to go through the markets again while I returned to the hotel for a bit of time with the journal. You would think that with so much time on the journal that we would always be up to date but that is far from the reality. At least we can try to keep our own notes up to date and write up at convenient times.

When Margaret came in about an hour later we tidied up our photos from today and did our back-ups etc. before heading up to Alaire, the terrace bar, for a beer and to wind down and think about the things we had seen today. When Kako delivered our beers we were chatting to him a little and saying that we were moving on to Malaga in the morning. He then went on his busy way but returned a little later with a glass of cava decorated with a strawberry. Thank you, Kako.

After such a strenuously quiet day and a beer we headed back to our room for a late siesta or a read as the case may be. It was 8pm before we stirred and we decided the simplest course of action would be to go up to Alaire again for tapas instead of following our original intention which was to go back to 'My Way' for a full meal.

As usual our drinks were delivered with some nuts and nibbles as usual then Kako brought a dish of olives while we waited for our focaccia con jamon a brie and the usual ensalada tamate. We seem to have settled more on the salads this time in preference to the patatas bravas that we were looking forward to on arrival. How tastes change.

At 10.30pm we returned to the room to pack our bags for the morning as we had to get the 8.30am train. We were sad to be leaving Barcelona but definitely looking forward to Malaga and the Torrox Photo Tour.


Stained glass at the entry
A Secretaire
Decorative Panel


Sue Bonjer:
September 13, 2017
You have an interesting few days, enjoy the photo course and Malags.
September 13, 2017
Sound lovely xxx
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