Alhama de Granada - Torrox Day 5

September 13, 2017 - Torrox, Spain

We were due to be picked up at 9am from the square but as there was no sign of Rob yet, Max dashed back to the house for a USB drive with some photos to pass to Rob so the minibus was already waiting when he ran back down the steps. Luckily there was room to park as Karen and Sue were yet to arrive from their house at the top of the village.

First stop was for a view of Torrox village backed by the mountains. Like most Spanish views (and perhaps everywhere else) it was a matter of shooting between the power lines.

We then drove up to Ventas de Zafarraya which is a pass in the mountains. There were views down to the coast (a bit hazy) but plenty of other interest in the limestone slot and the small gauge model rail lines.

A bit further on is a training ring for bullfighting. As we passed some young bulls came out into the ring so we parked and went back for some photos.

We then drove through miles of vegetable farms – tomatoes, lettuce, artichokes, beans, cabbages – all manner of things. I am not sure I would like the job of staking acres of beans or tomatoes.

When we arrived at Alhama de Granada we went immediately to a café for coffee. Once our needs were satisfied we went into the Carmelite Convent church which happened to be open and we tried a bit more low light photography. Outside again we walked along the edge of the gorge of the Rio Marchan. Spectacular views of the gorge and surrounding area – and those pesky wires again. Alhama looks old and rustic but was rebuilt after it was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1850's (?). Only the two churches survived.

A little gift shop near the old Convent building gave tastes of a local sweet wine (sherry type style but deeply coloured and pretty potent).

Back to the same café for lunch. Beer, soft drink or wine depending on preference and accompanied by dishes of olives, then baskets of bread and plates of meats and cheese (jamon iberica, chorizo, blood sausage, and some sort of goat milk cheese (probably Cortijo Arroyo). Because Max is allergic to garlic he had a prawn salad with tropical fruits, but he tried some of the cheese … mmm, mm.

After a fine lunch most of us just had another drink and sat in the shade. Margaret and Karen wandered off into the village for half an hour while the rest chatted (discussed serious photographic techniques) in the shade.

When the crowd was rounded up once more we drove up to a lay-by that gave views of the town for a quick photo stop before driving back to Torrox to do our 'homework'.

Rob arrived about 6.30pm for us to present two photos from today and to review and critique our photos from our day in Granada as well. Many, many good photos and different visions but a few technological problems again.

Dinner was at El Rubio's bar down the hill a little way. Prawn salad again, some sort of fish with a tomato pesto, then meats and cheese, and finally a gelato desert. Plenty of wine although Max stuck to beer (perhaps why there was plenty of wine). We left early along with Karen and Sue who came back to our place to use the internet for a while. I think the others batted on for a while afterward but we had an early night.



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