Lazing about in Puente Viesgo

September 25, 2017 - Puente Viesgo, Spain

We slept lat this morning and only went down for breakfast about 10am. Breakfast at the Hotel Villa Arce is only from 9 to 11am anyway, so no early starts required.

Our breakfast is in the continental style with a plate of fruit, a glass of orange juice, a basket of toast and a plate of meat and cheese and coffee. The Spanish also have slices of a type of butter cake that is only slightly sweet that rounds of breakfast well as far as I am concerned. The first of our hosts delivered the plates to us this morning and we took our time working through it and discussing the rich array of possibilities for the day. One factor to consider was the overcast and slight drizzle today that was forecast to clear for the rest of the week.

The consensus was that we would spend today recovering our energy and looking at opening times and possibilities of various visits for our time here. The whole reason for choosing this little town was the proximity to several areas with a rich Human Prehistory and areas of Cave Art. None were open on Monday except the Museum and 'NeoCave' at Altamira so choosing today as a rest day was a good start to our plans as it was already a bit late to leave now.

So we had a lazy with the internet research and work on our journal and our photos to while away the time.

This time we thought it was safer to drive down to town for dinner rather than risk the walk on the road. Local drivers seem to have no regard for the speed limits or the narrow roads.

We chose La Terraza this time (just across the side street) and went in to the bar about 7,30pm for a drink. This barman had no English at all but we managed to discover that the dining room did not open until 9pm but we could order from a list of Entradas and Raciones at the bar if we wanted food with our drink. I managed to get the message across that whatever I ordered I wanted 'sin ajillo'. 'Si, sin ajillo' he agreed so we ordered some ham and cheese croquettas and a racione of Scaloppini Ternara which came with egg and chips and pimiento peppers. There was certainly enough food there for us to share and it was simple but good.

We were back at Villa Arce by 10pm and managed to check emails and do some extra journal work before turning in.


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