A walk on the Harbourside

October 5, 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal



We slept in and didn't go down to breakfast until 9.30am. We could have taken our breakfast plates out onto the terrace but opted to stay in the dining room. There were plenty of choices – juice, cereals, fruit, nuts, bread and pastries, ham, cheeses, tomatoes, sweet things and brioche, as well as hot choices – scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, boiled eggs, or fried eggs. Difficult not to be happy with that.

After all that food we needed a walk and went along the street toward the 'square'. It was all very depressed and depressing. Very dirty. There were happy people sitting at cafes while all around the ground was covered in litter, mostly plastic and cellophane. In Spain we were impressed at how early the public spaces were cleaned, swept and washed. I don't think anyone has done the housework here for a month.

Beside the main road along the waterfront is a train and a tram track but they seemed a bit worn down as well. Even the newer ones. There was an older historic type tram that was crowded with people.

We found a Market Centre that appeared to be just places for tourists to eat and walked to the waterfront from there. It was worse. Street furniture designed to lounge on in the sun looked as if it had been slept on by the homeless and/or walked all over. The square itself was full of rubbish and in particular broken glass. It was almost midday and we had seen just one café where someone was cleaning up ready to put out their tables, all the others just left the trash where it lay. Ugh.

We headed back to the hotel along the harbour side of the rail corridor. On this side there were a lot of bars and discos, with graffiti everywhere and rubbish like broken glass and plastic bottles. We took the overhead bridge over the rail station then crossed the tram tracks and roadway at a pedestrian crossing. We may be jaded but we are fed up with Lisbon.

Back at the hotel we went up for a swim and lazed around the pool for a while. Margaret stayed on in the sun but I went back to the room to do some photos and journal stuff. While at the pool Margaret had made a decision. She contacted our travel agent and changed our plans for the night we come back to Lisbon. Rather than stay at this hotel again we will stay at an airport hotel – one with a pool and breakfast otherwise we may feel we have just leapt from the frying pan. Notwithstanding all that it is good to relax and draw breath before the onslaught of a bus tour.

After time in the sun and some serious emails a beer and some nibbles on the terrace in the late afternoon had us in the mood for a siesta and a bit of reading.

We decided it would be nicer tonight to order from the hotel's snacks menu and eat in the garden. We went down about 8.15pm and the sun had gone down. Outside the first terrace was empty and it was pleasantly cool and the light subdued. We had already ordered before we came out and we soon had a beer to sip on while we waited on our food.

Another couple took one of the other two tables but that didn't intrude even in this small space. The food was delicious and plentiful considering it was only snack food. We are getting very used to having a large breakfast and a light meal at the end of the day.

A bowl of black olives to nibble.

A basket of bread with four slices of four different styles – seeded dark rye, wholemeal sourdough, white sourdough, and a slightly sweet softer style. All as small oval slices from a baguette I suppose.

A salad of tuna, tomato, onion and olives, lightly dressed with olive oil.

A dish of several slices of ham – Iberico, Serrano and leg slices.

Coffee was served with Portuguese style cinnamon biscuits which are sugared and slightly sweeter than the German or Dutch speculaas.

A very pleasant evening.



Down at the Harbour
The bridge in the smog
The Harbour from our window
More of the harbour from our room

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Judy Crewe:
October 8, 2017
A shame that Lisbon is so seedy. I've not been there and don't know the I'm inspired to do so, so far anyway. The food sounds satisfactory though. Enjoy your Portuguese sojourn.
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