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October 18, 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal

We had a good sleep and packed the few things we had taken out for the night, before going down to breakfast. On the way I asked if there was any need to book for the Airport Shuttle. I was told there was no need to book and it runs every twenty minutes. So we could now relax and enjoy our breakfast with plenty of time to linger over our coffee before going back to collect our things, check-out and wait for the 11.20am shuttle.

By 11.28am we were starting to get a bit worried and Margaret went to the desk to ask. This time she was told the shuttle is by request and the clerk called to find the driver. In fact she had to make three phone calls to find him.

While Margaret went inside to ask about the shuttle three members of a flight crew left to walk over to the airport (one in civvies but obviously a part of the group). I watched as they turned left after crossing the busy road between the hotel and a large, multi-storey car park. To me that didn’t seem the obvious way but they must know. I also had seen others go that way with their bags.

We had a bit of a walk from the bus to the Departures entry and then a long walk to find the Check-In counters. As we got to them the flight crew I had seen at the hotel came in through the doors at that end so walking was no quicker and the shuttle was certain to get us there so chasing the driver had been the best choice.

At Check-In we were warned that the gate (N46) was a long walk and part way there the Departures board had a warning to say it was a 12-17 minute walk. Just as well we had plenty of time. We found the Gate and settled down to wait for a) the Gate Number to be confirmed, and b) boarding to begin.

I had a walk around while Margaret read. As I came back Gate N46 was shown for our flight and as I got closer I could see an Emirates Boeing 777-300 at the gate.

Paul and Nerrida from our tour arrived a bit later. As usual Nerrida had dragged Paul half-way around the city last night and this morning. Makes me tired just hearing what she does.

Boarding was the usual chaotic affair and I heard one of the Cabin Crew say to a passenger that this flight like most flights these days would have been over booked. On the flight we watched Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in 'The Trip to Spain' but even now we could not recognise many of the places and sometimes the name of the town wasn't mentioned.

We ate some, slept some, read some, and tried to fill the time before landing at 1.40am (Dubai Time - UTC+4) so that is 7.5 hours down and only 14 to go but that will be on Friday 20th. For the remainder of this night, tomorrow and tomorrow night we can rest. The aircraft parked way out on the edge of the airport somewhere and we jammed on to buses to go to the terminal. There was one bus to take those with short transit times so they could make their connections.

Immigration was a breeze as most people go to Transit rather than arrivals here in Dubai. After a long walk again to baggage claim our bags came off almost as we arrived so we were able to grab them and head for the exit. We saw Paul and Nerrida there as well and said our goodbyes.

Out in the Arrivals Hall we asked an Emirates person about the Millennium Hotel. 'Exit 1', we were told, 'On the right.' So off we went. Looking out through Exit 2, and Exit 1 when we arrived there, we saw that the Taxi lines were huge.

Near Exit 1 there was an Emirates Information Desk with a Millennium Hotel sign and we were told to take a seat as there would be a short wait but the chap also said he would come to get us, personally. He was as good as his word and handed us to a driver who led us to the bus. Checked in at the hotel at 2.20am – 40 minutes after arrival so that was good.

Before going to sleep again I set the alarm so we could get breakfast before the 10.30am cut-off.


The view from the TRYP Lisboa Aeroporto Hotel


Zachary Artist:
October 18, 2017
Sounds like you guys had an amazing trip. Look froward to seeing you both soon!
October 18, 2017
Safe travels home xx
October 18, 2017
Judy Crewe:
October 18, 2017
You have had a great trip. I agree, bus travel is a bit on the tiring side. Looking forward to catching up with you both on your return.

October 18, 2017
Have a safe trip and thank you for all your interesting stories of your travels
October 18, 2017
Looking forward to seeing you safely home xx
October 22, 2017
A most interesting and exciting journey and such unexpected events in Spain - look forward to seeing you soon.
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