Just Another Day in Paradise

July 12, 2018 - Náxos, Greece

Today was 'at leisure' as the tour brochures say. I spent a fair bit of it catching up with this, or swimming in the pool. David decided to take a local bus to the centre of the island, visit a few villages and walk the countryside. Sue and Jackie took Lucie into town to explore for the morning. Sarah and I stayed at the hotel. In the early afternoon we - Sarah, Lucie and I - had a snack at the hotel bar. David came home about 5, more swimming, then we went to Flisvos, a restaurant on the beach. It was very pretty, with a slatted roof casting shadows on the blue and green walls. We found a table on the open mezzanine floor and ordered two meze platters to share, as well as a main course each. Mistake. The platters were very big, crowded with lovely colourful tomatoes, dolmades, slices of cheese, prosciuto, tsatsiki, cream cheese topped with peppercorns, pretzels to dip, rocket - and I can't remember what else, but really, enough for a meal for all of us. David then had a pork curry (not exactly Greek, but nice, he said), Lucie had pasta - and the rest I can't remember; perhaps because it was accompanied by a bottle of rose shared amongst four of us. We had two waitresses, one from England, who used to work in the fashion industry but had become disillusioned with living there as Britain transitions out of Brexit, so she and her boyfriend have worked here for 6 months so far. The other one, a Dutch girl, has worked here for about 5 years.

From our table we had a lovely view of the beach, which was now quite windy, and eventually of the sun dropping into the sea.We all took a few sunset photos of course.

Perhaps the walk home, although only about ten minutes, was enough to allow us to digest our meals because nobody seems to have suffered from indigestion.


July 15, 2018
I am very jealous of you sitting in a shady restaurant with a view of the sea. Yesterday sounded lovely but I am glad I wasn't the one that was pushing through the crowds at the dock.
July 18, 2018
It sounds like a perfect day from beginning to end! So happy for you to be having such a great time and just slightly jealous
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