Last Day in Naxos

July 15, 2018 - Náxos, Greece

It was another sunny but windy day, and I decided that if I was actually going to keep up this Journal, I had to spend most of the day on it. I suppose I could just keep notes instead of trying to write a book about every day, but because we edit our entries afterwards, and keep them as records of our trips, it is worth trying to keep up to date before you forget. I was pleased when Sue said she was glad to read earlier entries as she had already forgotten details of some of the things we had done together.

So after breakfast I sat out on our little terrace with my computer while Sue and Jackie set off to explore the old town and the market. They did see a few shops in the market but many of them were closed; I suppose Sunday morning here means church. They took a map in the hope of finding the castle which is at the top of the hill in the centre of town, but although they circumnavigated it, the castle remained elusive. It was apparently built as a fortress by the Venetian conqueror of Naxos in 1207. The first thing you do when you conquer a hilly place is build something to ensure that nobody else can conquer you. History shows that this strategem isn't always successful.

David, Sarah and Lucie spent the morning enjoying the pool, then David and Sarah walked up towards the square and found a little restaurant for lunch - moussaka, spinach salad and eggplant - while Lucie and I had a toasted cheese sandwich from the little pool bar. Sarah came back with a headache, and was glad for a rest. Later, David and Jackie set off for Bossa to watch the World Cup Final between France and Croatia, and Sue and I made another attempt to find the old market. This time we were very successful, and happily wandered through a number of little shops which had obviously once been houses on narrow winding stepped streets. We found the shop where Sarah  bought her pretty pink dress, and another one where Sue bought David a shirt. There was a bit of a discussion about size with the proprietor who turned out to have been born in Melbourne - his mother is from Rochester in Victoria but now lives on Naxos. Although he had an Australian passport he also grew up in Naxos, and his perfect English is spoken with a Greek accent. Shirt size was agreed on, but then colour became a problem as the only colour in the right size was worryingly similar to a shirt David already has. Sue bought it anyway. In both these shops the proprietors, while very polite and helpful, were pretty much focussed on the World Cup, each delighted by every extra French goal.

My main aim for this afternoon was to be up at the Temple of Apollo for The Golden Hour. I don't think I could face another Photo Club Meeting if I didn't do something like this; everything shot in Raw and Manual at the approriate moment. Not that it will help my results much, but it has to be done. Sue decided to stay at the market after I  assured her that watching me wrangling a camera for an hour and a half would not be a rewarding experience for her.

It was for me, however, and for the few hundred other people who had much the same idea. The experience was further enlivened by a large group of jubilant French football supporters chanting and waving the Tricolor. Although I was supposed to meet the others at Irini's, a vine-covered Greek restaurant on the waterfront, at 8.30, I was a bit late as I had to wait until the sun had disappeared into the sea.

When I arrived, Sue, Jackie and David were already there, but poor Sarah still had her headache and Lucie stayed at the hotel to keep her company. Again I can't remember exactly what we ate, but there was quite a lot of meat, mostly pork or lamb, which seems to be characteristic of Greek cuisine. Not much in the way of cooked vegetables, but lots of lovely salads and irresistible bread. This time our extra surprise was a plate of  delicious watermelon.

Sue took her last Naxos photo of Rosie the Bear leaning rather drunkenly against a glass of rose with an ambitiously large piece of garlic bread on her lap.

When we arrived home Sarah was asleep, but Lucie told me they had ordered in pizza and had enjoyed their quiet evening together.



July 23, 2018
As usual you have managed to squeeze many different things this time into your time relaxing on a lazy Greek island.
Zachary B Artist:
July 24, 2018
Sounds so nice Gran!
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