Family Day

July 19, 2018 - Priego de Córdoba, Spain

Tom left early for Malaga to collect Caroline, Florence, Eloise and Felix from the plane from Cork - sadly Chickondi couldn't come as he hadn't been able to cut through the inevitable red tape to get a re-entry visa for Ireland.

David, Matt and I went into the supermarket in Priego de Cordoba to get some more supplies and had the anticipated fun trying to identify or describe what we wanted. We hadn't been back long when Tom arrived with Caroline and family, and it was wonderful to see them all  - to exclaim at how beautiful Caroline is, how the dear little girls have grown and how adorable Felix is.

We didn't do very much today in the way of exploring because it was so nice to be together and enjoy the countryside and the pool.

In the evening the babies were fed in the courtyard, and Florence, Elouise and Finn generally ate at the same time, while the in-betweens and adults had drinks and nibbles. I can't remember whether it was tonight that Emily, the expert, made us jugs of gin and tonic - she did that on two nights, and on another she made us mojitos.

After the babies, and usually the younger ones as well, had gone to bed, the rest of us moved down to the barbecue area. Will and Bex, and Emily and Tom, had monitors so they could see and hear if Charlie or Isla needed attention (they never did!). The men cooked a barbecue and we had a wonderful selection of food - in fact, this is how we dined most nights,and I can't remember all the delicious things we had. At one time or another we had kebabs, both meat and vegetable, meat balls, sausage, bruschetta, salads, fruit, wine ....... I think these dinners were some of the most memorable times of the holiday. We could enjoy a relaxed evening which of course included  Lucie, Sophie and Hannah, until they slipped off somewhere to do whatever tweens and teens do when they 'hang out together'.  It was so lovely for Lucie to get to know her cousins, and vice versa too, I'm sure.

I was disappointed to be the only (grand)mother there, but the family is such a pleasure to be with, and they were all so welcoming to me, that I was delighted to share the holiday with them.


August 5, 2018
Aah those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer ... that all blur into one long drink.
August 6, 2018
Thanks Mum, already feels like months ago but lovely to remember
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