July 23, 2018 - Priego de Córdoba, Spain

Before the rest of the family set off for Granada, Sarah, Lucie and I, who had decided not to go, had to say goodbye to Sam. He was going to explore Granada with the others, but drive from there to Malaga to catch his plane home. It was sad to see him go, especially as he had spent such a short time with us, but the time we  had was precious.

Max and I stayed in Granada for three days in 2015, and had been twice (most recently last September) with our photography tour through the Alhambra so I decided just to stay and enjoy the ambience of the villa and leave Granada to the tourists.

Online tickets to the Alhambra had been sold out before David tried to get them, although he said later that if he had been prepared to wait in line for possibly an hour or more he may have got in. He wasn't. I had suggested they park in the carpark above the Alhambra and walk down the lovely tree-lined avenue, then the best (?) shopping street in the town before coming out into the main square. Apparently they did this, then enjoyed lunch at one of the open-air restaurants in the square. David set out to explore the town on his own, and walked up the street beside the river, past the set of stairs leading to the el Carmen del Cobertizo where we stayed in 2015. He also walked around the centre of the town, and visited the cathedral. Apparently the others took the little tourist train, which I had also recommended, as the best way to explore the city on a hot day with young children - some of whom took the opportunity for a sleep.

Matt stayed with Sam a bit longer than the others, and when he arrived back we had a left-overs dinner in the courtyard. This was Will, Bex and Charlie's last night as Bex has to go back to work for a few days. More sad goodbyes, and promises for another family reunion in two years. There was some discussion throughout the week about the next venue, everyone being very sympathetic about our horrendously long flight. Thailand, perhaps?

For some reason I didn't take any photos today. The number I have already taken, and the fact that I haven't edited or uploaded any, is beginning to weigh heavily on me.

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August 12, 2018
Don’t be too hard on yourself about the photos! xxx
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