Basel-Sun April 16th to Mon April 17th

April 16, 2012 - Basel, Switzerland


We left the ship at about 9.30am and headed to Basel, arriving too early for out room (we are good at that). Weather here is cold and very wet. It didn’t stop raining for the two days we were here. Basel on a Sunday is very quiet with most stores and facilities closed. It is also a very expensive city. Food is particularly expensive. So we were on a diet.

Basel does sit on the Rhine and does have some nice old quaint buildings but are we becoming blasé about such buildings?

We collected our hire car on the Monday. There was a small moment of panic when our credit card wouldn’t register and they said was logged as lost/stolen!!! A phone call to Australia sorted it out. For some reason Aust cards don’t always register. Then MPA bravely navigated his way on the right side of the road back to the hotel. Using the sat nav system was the only way we managed it. And even then there were many loops as we tried to find the correct exit from the round about etc.


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