Kuala Lumpur - Tues April 3rd to Thurs April 5th

April 3, 2012 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Arrived at hotel at about 3pm. Room fair – a little bit used but comfortable. Big hotel. High service level. Driving in, Malaysia seemed very green at least near the airport. Closer to KL lots of building going on. Squashed in housing estates. Seems a mix of go ahead and shabby. Building  sites look very OHS shaky. We went for a little wander and thought we had hit White Flint or Burnside village. There is an extremely large shopping pavilion called The Pavilion near our hotel. Shops from all around the globe. Definitely catering to the tourists/the young/shoppers or various combinations. Went here several times as it is nice and close and nice and cool. Also has masses of eateries. From food court to high end. It would seem that the KLs come out in droves after work for happy hour and eating. Food reasonably priced, other stuff no cheaper than home.

Had Malaysian buffet in hotel dining room – quite good. Very helpful staff. They had bottle of JC reisling on menu for ~$70!.  I had a glass of house white wine for RM20 which was good. ($6-7). Whole meal about $57 (service included – I like that).

 After a late start to the day, we went down for buffet breakfast (in price). Very extensive, catering for all types of guests. And I had a decent cup of tea – 3 actually.

Took a ramble around district near hotel – oh so hot and sticky! Found it hard to locate green patches. What little there was seemed to be part of someone’s (grand) garden. Did a small amount of shopping in Pavilion and had lunch in the food mall; Malaysian – very cheap ($6.00 for the two) but not impressive. My chicken was mostly bone or skin. Had a la carte at the hotel dining room and got free appetiser (special Malaysian dish) and deserts. I think they adopted us.

Breakfasted well again then spent the morning packing / repacking.  Left our stuff with hotel concierge and went on a bus tour, called a city tour a sit is supposed to orientate you to the city. Didn’t really manage that. Saw some interesting things but two of the 6-7 stops were solely for the purpose of selling local products.

After a non-eastern dinner (nice) we headed to KL airport and left KL at about midnight.



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