Exploring Banff

July 10, 2012 - Banff, Canada

In spite of learning that the Banff Springs Hotel has a resident ghost, a former bellman named Sam McCauley (yes you can google the hotel and Sam), we got a good rest and set out to explore the area. In order to build up our energy, our first stop was an Irish pub, St. James Gate. The interior decor had all been shipped over from a pub that had been deconstructed in Ireland.

The town of Banff is an international tourist haven and we were here at the height of the season, so you can imagine the crowds and traffic. However, nothing can detract from the Swiss-inspired architecture surrounded by the majestic peaks.

Leaving town, we explored Lake Minnewanka and the Hoodoos. We came within 25 yards of two bighorn sheep and finally saw our first elk. We can always tell when there is wildlife near the highway because the cars ahead of us come to a sudden halt and someone leans out the window with a camera. Makes for interesting driving.


An Irish Breakfast
Olde Irish Pub
Lake Minnewanka 1
Lake Minnewanka 2
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