Turning East

July 24, 2012 - Yuma, Arizona, United States

 We've made the turn and started heading east, stopping in Yuma for the night. Before leaving San Diego we met up with Ken Garber, a friend through business. At Ken's suggestion we visited the Cabrillo National Monument and lighthouse at Point Loma with a great view of San Diego Bay. To get to the monument site we drove through Naval Base Point Loma, home of part of the Pacific Fleet. From the point we also had a bird's eye view of the Navy's North Island Facility.

There is a National Cemetary on the Base. Very moving site causing one to wonder if the world will ever learn to live in peace.

Driving through southeastern California at 110 degrees F, we noted "The Fence" constructed to protect our southern border. Then we came upon the Algodones Sand Dunes shortly before reaching Yuma, where the temperature cooled to 106 by 8:00 PM.


Saying Hi to Captain Garber
San Diego Bay from Point Loma
Lighthouse on Point Loma
Stairs Down From the Light


Diane Russell:
July 25, 2012
If you're heading east on I-8, be sure to stop at Dateland, AZ and have a date shake. They're delicious and they have a great selection of dates also. It's right off the highway at the Dateland exit.
Karl and Kitty:
July 28, 2012
Just looked at the picture of Jessica in LA. Sure looks like her mom! When in Yuma, you might check to see if there are any descendants of the 1968 SA S-61N vertical ops test team.
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