Green Valley, AZ

July 27, 2012 - Green Valley, Arizona, United States

We met up with friends John and Diane Russell in Green Valley, AZ. They gave us a tour of some of their favorite spots, including the Longhorn Cafe that, according to John, served the best pizza in the Southwest until it went out of business a short time ago. We were there for the liquidation sale, and Bill looked so good in the doorway that we were tempted to put in an offer on the place. Across the street was The Cow Palace, an establishment often frequented by John Wayne when movies were being shot in the area.

We then went to Tubac, an old settlement that is becoming a haven for local artisans. Although this is NOT the tourist season in Tubac, enough of the shops were open that we got a flavor of the wonderful sculpture and pottery of the area. The pottery shop featured in one of the photos operates on the honor system. Pick a pot and put your money through a slot in the door if the shop is unattended.

Although the sculpture shop featured many fantastic works, we were drawn to the mountain lion since we failed to see one in the wild.

Those of us from the East tend to think of Plymouth and Jamestown as the early European settlements in this country. We were reminded that the Spanish had an earlier presence in the southwest when we saw the remains of the Mission San Jose de Tumacacori.

Lunch with Diane and John was at a wonderful place called the Wisdom Cafe. The portions of chicken were very large.

After parting from the Russells, we stopped at the site of a Titan missile silo, the only remaining Titan site from the Cold War era. We had a tour of the control room and had a view of the underground missile. This was a bit unnerving to see first hand that brinksmanship between two countries (also known as Mutually Assured Destruction, "MAD") can end in annihilation of the world.

Lordsburg, New Mexico was our destination for an overnighter when we left Green Valley. We are constantly reminded and amazed at the grandeur of this country as we travel across the deserts and through the mountain passes.


Diane and John
Longhorn Cafe
Our New Pet
San Jose de Tumacacori Mission near Tubac
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