Silver City, New Mexico

July 28, 2012 - Silver City, New Mexico, United States

 After leaving Green Valley we headed out toward Silver City, New Mexico. Silver City is best know for Billy the Kid's escape from the local jail. The story is that he was so skinny that he escaped through the jail chimney. 

Along the way we crossed the Continental Divide at a little over 6000 feet just as our trip odometer moved past 6000 miles.

We also found another branch of the McCauley Clan. Harry and Frank have roads named for them but Billy only gets a mailbox. We're finding McCauleys everywhere. Some of Bill's ancestors really got around.

Arizona and New Mexico both have massive copper mines. The Santa Rita mine, a little beyond Silver City, is incredible. The photos cannot show the true scale of this operation. We could save a mountain if we stopped minting pennies.

Driving through the mountains we again encountered one great view after another. The road had numerous switchbacks, steep inclines and dropoffs without guardrails. Carla drove and Bill prayed. Free-range cattle and the occasional deer added to the driving task.



Continental Divide
Harry's Street
Billy's Mailbox
Frank's Road

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July 31, 2012
I loved my time in the Southwest. Your pictures remind of the beauty there. Enjoy!!
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