From Launch to Lunch

July 29, 2012 - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, United States

 Our next stop was Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. T or C (as the locals refer to their town) won it's name in a contest sponsored by Ralph Edwards' popular radio (later on TV) show many years ago. It's a small town of about 8000 residents. Our objective during this visit was to tour Spaceport America. This is the facility from where Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines, Virgin Records, etc) expects to carry passengers into space aboard his Virgin Galactic spaceship. The spaceport has been used for some vertical launches already but Branson's vehicle will take off and land on a runway. You can reserve a ticket for about $200,000 and become an astronaut (if everything works).

From T or C we rushed to Albuquerque to have a late lunch at the legendary Gramma's K & I Diner. Bill had been there 30+ years ago while doing some flight test work at Kirkland AFB and has been wanting to return ever since.

Moving east we stopped at Amarillo, Texas for the night.


Spaceport America Operations Building
Spaceport Main Building
Spaceport Main Building Reflecting the Ramp
Lunch at the K&I

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Bill and Joanne:
July 31, 2012
Hi Carla and Bill, Just got back from Sun River. Had a great time visiting w you when here in Auburn. Can't seem to find pictures from your trip here. Must be doing something wrong with 'Fuzzy'. Looks like you will be home soon. Keep in touch. Joanne and Bill
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