The Sun Sets on the Magical Mystery Tour

August 1, 2012 - Huntsville, Alabama, United States

 That's right. After driving 7567 miles we are back home in Huntsville, Alabama...The Rocket City and the sun has set on the Magical Mystery Tour. We really appreciate that you have elected to be with us via the net. We loved receiving your comments.

BUT WAIT!!! (As they say on TV) We'll be posting more information in the next few days, so don't go away. First we need to unpack and get some rest.


The Sun Sets on the Magical Mystery Tour


August 2, 2012
WELCOME HOME!!!!! Just so you know, you'll be in charge of the ISNA blog when we all go to Ireland in 2013 :)
Terri Graf:
August 4, 2012
Dad and Carla

So happy that you had such a wonderful journey. I have loved following along online!!! I glad Collin's hockey tournament could be the initial motivation and we loved being a part of the trip and seeing you guys! Get some rest and we will talk soon.

Karl and Kitty:
August 5, 2012
7567 miles in 6-weeks...WOW! And how many thousand photos did you take? Kitty's CRV is now 6-months old and the odometer just turned to 5000 miles.
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