August 12, 2012 - Huntsville, Alabama, United States


We promised another entry but we didn’t plan for it to take this long. After being away for 34 days there were a number of home-front items (paying bills, weeding the garden and playing golf) that took priority.

Our 7567 mile trip was spectacular, exceeding all expectations. (We know the “Map” page indicates a lower mileage total, but we did not travel on straight lines and we took many side excursions. We’re posting a shot of our trip odometer as evidence.)

Since returning to the Rocket City many of our friends have asked, “What was the single greatest highlight of your adventure?”  Well, we have not been able to answer that as there were so many great sights as we travelled through 16 states and 3 provinces. The hockey tournament in Edmonton, Alberta was the event that triggered the Magical Mystery Tour, so that has to rank near the top. Meeting up with family and friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen in years, was simply fantastic. So, we guess that “People” might be the answer to the question. People include family, friends and folks we met along the way. We’re posting pictures of some of the family and friends in the order of our visits. (sorry we didn’t get pictures of everyone):

·         Carol & Jerry Kelly; Madison. WI

·         Terry & Lynne Confer; Mound, MN

·         Kelly (Confer) Govrik, Sydney and Nick

·         Terri (McCauley) & Rob Graf with Collin and Justin; Edmonton, Alberta

·         Linda (Confer) & Rick Moulton; Sun River, OR

·         Stefanie & Todd Carlson with cousins Hunter & Parker

·         Joanne & Bill Groth; Auburn, CA

·         Sherry & Leo Frumkin; Glendale, CA

·         Jessica & Scott; Los Angeles, CA

·         United States Marine Corp; Camp Pendleton, CA

·         Carla’s sisters Lisa and Jamie; Oceanside-Escondido, CA

·         Carla and Bill with Ken Garber; San Diego, CA

·         Bob Barnum & Priscilla Ethier; Sun City West, AZ

·         Hallie (Confer) Frandrup with Hannah and Jaxson; Phoenix, AZ

·         Diane & John Russell; Green Valley, AZ

If you find yourself travelling along a super highway with a little time to spare, take an exit at random.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Again, thanks to all that followed our journal.



Diane & John Russell
Hannah, Hallie and Jaxson
Bob Barnum & Priscilla Ethier
Meeting with Ken Garber


Linda & Joe:
August 24, 2012
I'm really going to miss your journal entries and the photographs. They were better than a National Geographic show. Couldn't you have visited a few more places. I was really getting used to seeing what would come next. What a fabulous trip! Glad you are home safe and sound.
Rayburn and Dean:
September 2, 2012
Proud you had a safe trip. Take care!
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