A Rocky Road

June 10, 2013 - Kanab, Utah, United States

 We were fortunate to experience a cooling trend...highs expected to be only about 102 deg F, much cooler than yesterday. We first visited the "Valley of Fire," Nevada's first and largest state park. Wonderful rock formations. The camera does not do them justice. Then on to Zion National Park in Utah for more great scenes. So, it's been a "Rocky Road" but the rocks are beautiful.

We came across a herd of roaming buffalo on our way to our overnight stop. Actually it was a buffalo ranch.


Desert Critter
Elephant Rock
Valley of Fire 1
Valley of Fire 2


June 11, 2013
Sorry we are not in Nevada to host you!
Karl & Kitty:
June 11, 2013
102 deg F, but it's a dry heat (probably 10% humidity)...that's what everybody always says. I lived in Utah for about 7-years and never thought it got very hot there...but then I was about 55 years younger. Since then my acceptable air temperature range has narrowed somewhat...it is now 70-80...anything lower is too cold, anything higher is too hot.

Sounds like a great trip. Great pix. Hope your walls are covered with giclee prints.
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