More Rocks!

June 11, 2013 - Green River, Utah, United States

 Today we traveled to Bryce Canyon National Park via the Dixie National Forest and the Red Canyon. Along the way we spotted a funny sign for a fishing resort with "No Fishing' permitted.

At Bryce we were treated to more incredible sights! The high altitude, over 9000 feet, offered welcome relief from the heat. Again the pictures do not do justice to the views. We've included a shot looking down showing people on the trail below to give some idea of the scale.

We noticed that many visitors to the National Parks are from overseas. We chatted with some foreign visitors touring the US and they have a great appreciation of these fantastic parks.

On the drive from Bryce Canyon we took the scenic route which brought us through Capitol Reef National Park and across a 10,000 foot ridge only as wide as the highway itself in places. Wow!


Fishing...or not
Red Canyon
Dixie Nat'l Forest
Arch at Bryce Canyon


pam behrens:
June 12, 2013
I'm excited to see your travel pics...p
Jim Keebler:
June 12, 2013
Hope to get to Bryce Canyon NP someday, ourselves. I'll bet it was a little cooler at 9000 ft !!!!
barb tran:
June 13, 2013
Having fun yet?
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