A great day in Cardiff.

September 17, 2007 - Cardiff, United Kingdom

Thoughts from everyone:

Two busloads of supporters from our hotel left London for Cardiff at 8.30am Saturday morning, many dressed in green and gold and all very excited about the day to come. As we drove along the M5, many Aussie supporters waved to us from their cars, and at a servo about halfway along the route, we were amazed to see at least 20 busloads en route to the game. What a day it was going to be!!

Then Cardiff itself was awash with colour – the red and white of the Welsh (even the gardens had been planted in red and white!) and our own green and gold. The atmosphere in the streets was magic – a moving mass of Aussies and Welsh with a smattering of Kiwis, Argentinians and South Africans.

Millenium Stadium To walk into the stadium was a rugby tragic’s dream come true – felt even more during the singing of the anthems and the kick-off. Later, the singing of ‘Land of our Fathers’ made the hair on the back of the neck stand up. It took a while for the Aussies to respond (we don’t seem to have anything to sing spontaneously on these occasions) but ‘Waltzing Matilda” did finally echo around the ground.

The Stadium The game had 2 distinct halves. In the first Australia looked like World Cup winners, but in the second lacked intensity which allowed Wales back into the game. Berrick Barnes had a great debut and Stirling Mortlock and Chris Latham were outstanding. The forwards played well generally but there are still some problems in the scrum.

The Wallabies lap of honour following the game was a genuine acknowledgment of their supporters…. A great moment with more to come in the following weeks.

One thing that really stood out for all of us was the graciousness of the Welsh spectators before, during and after the game. We saw some spectators compliment nearby Aussies on the singing of the anthem. After the game, as we walked through the city, we were congratulated on the outcome. One elderly gentleman just wanted to tell us that he liked Aussies and that his son-in-law was Australian.

With Michelle and RobAnd inevitably there was the meeting of Mudgee people. We were delighted when Michelle Witheriff who has been living in London for some 7 years, tapped Ross on the shoulder. Ross also met Brian Burnett, a former team mate from playing days for Sydney University after 35 years.

Can't wait to see what the game in Montpellier will bring.


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September 17, 2007
Cant help but draw comparisons to your trip with a National Lampoons movie. Big Ben, Parliament! Smiths meeting relo's in Germany, MacG's shopping up a storm in Paris, and Chevy and Beverly Wilson just doing their stuff. Chevy, don't forget to delete the video footage! Speak to you later, I'm off to watch a show about cheeses, love Rusty.
Trish Jones:
September 17, 2007
stuck here in Mudgee reading about all your exploits ...but 12 days before we head off to China.Seems like fun wearing green & gold, drinking and singing. I am using the Principal to man the library today at lunchtime after my lucky win in the raffle . Yes Birgit the place is STILL operating, but no sign of the new roof yet.
au revoir
Mel & kids:
September 17, 2007
G'day everyone.
Things are getting warmer and then colder in Mudgee. I hope you are enjoying The World Cup. Talking about The World Cup Mudgee Public School are having a ' Go for Gold ' day Thursday 20th. We have to dress in gold on Thursday. The reason why is because were getting a helicopter to take a picture of us from the sky. Were going to get in the shape of the trophy for the cup and then they will take a picture. We are going to send it into The World Cup. Hopefully you will see us on tv !!!
Lots of love,
Judy Gordon:
September 17, 2007
All good here!!! Yep MPS is going in a comp! The whole school is forming the shape of the Webb Ellis Trophy and Dave Aldridge is somehow taking a photo from above...helicopter or cherry picker!!??? Pam Leathem, our Rugby nut, is organising it and we had our first practice at getting the shape of the trophy right today. Glad to hear your news! Still no rain dammit!!! Keep having fun. Love Judy G xxxxx
Rob McGregor/Leonie Smith:
September 17, 2007
Well we looked and looked but amongst the sea of green and gold rugby tragics we could not pick out any McGregors (and we don't really know the other Mudgee based travellers) but we assumed that a good time was had by all.

Bruce will be happy to know that now that the Swans have VERY quickly exited the AFL finals I have rediscovered my interest in the Rugby. NOt much has changed in Canberra.....squabbling politicians and zillions of people looking closely at Tulips at Floriade.

Rob Mc

travel safely
September 17, 2007
You've never seen a head chef delegate tasks so quicklyduring the clean up of what can only be described as a massive day at Mermaids from brekky through to our last table at 9.55pm (obviously not rugby people!) . Thinking of you as I watched the game brought the hairs on the back of my neck up. Glad to see the Wallabies off to a great start. Liam keeps asking when you will be home. Will be searching the crowd shots for you again in Montpellier.
All our love. As always

The Taylors xo
September 17, 2007
P.S. Bruce & Doreen. Funny how small a world it really is. The French chef, Arnaud, that is currently part of my team and I were discussing the world cup the other day and I mentioned that you had gone to France and that you were from Mudgee. He then proceeded to inform me that he cooked at the Blue Wren Winery for a stint in 2002. Funny old world hey?!
Rob Weatherley:
September 18, 2007
thanks for ypur news guys. really fantastic that you have seen all those fantastic things and done so much already. hope the crossing is great and that you accommodation in France is great. Have a wonderful time and will write again soon when I have something of interest to say.
love Rob xx
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