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May 2, 2008 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We haven't done too much in the last month, pretty much due to a lack of money.  We've had a our first monthly pay day and I now have something to write about!

Justin and I have been introduced to the sport (?) of geocaching.  So we bought ourselves a little hand-held GPSr and have been walking all over Edinburgh with it.  This morning I walked over five km to find a cache.

It's an absolutely beautiful day today, nice and warm apparently it's 11 degrees c!  I would never, ever have called that warm before we went on this trip!  The sun is shining and I'm going for another walk this afternoon just to make the most of the good weather.

Next weekend we're going down to Northumberland to check out Hadrian's Wall.  We're not sure exactly where we'll go yet.



May 2, 2008
great to hear from you!
Was wondering if I should send out a search party!
Recieved both parcels and have interred yours in spare b'room.
Love you.
Keep well and keep in touch!
Mumma & Peter
Jean Gallimore:
May 3, 2008
Hi Melanie & Justin, Surprise, surprise! Your dad passed on your blog to me, Melanie, I`m in touch with your grandma Margery very often, as my husband was her cousin. I`ve enjoyed reading of your travels, I was in Scotland mself last week, in the Highlands. I live in Atherton, just 4/5 miles from you grt. aunt Barbara. Hope to speak again
love from Jean G.
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