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July 7, 2008 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Well hello again!

Justin and I have been busy these last few days.  Generally we work, work, work for two weeks and then have three days off to explore a little more of Edinburgh.  On Saturday night we went to dinner with Laura and Rich at a Brazillian restaurant.  A pretty nice little place and good food.  On the topic of food, we usually have a roast on our weekends off so tonight we had a slight change from the chicken theme and had guinea fowl!  Yes, guinea fowl.  Tasted pretty much like chicken but slightly different, a little fattier as well but not as much as duck.

Yesterday we did a bit of housework.  Ho hum.  Justin started to go alittle stir crazy so we went out to the Oz Bar in the Haymarket for afew drinks.  It had been raining all day and was pretty drizzly so itwas good to get out of the flat, even in bad weather.

Monument 01Monument 02Me doing a little danceView from castle hill

This morning we had the beginnings of a good day so Justin and I went out for a walk to find a new geocache near us.  When we got there there is this really cool monument, massive, with marble scenes on the sides showing scenes from the bible.  A bloke working at the bowls club next door told us that the end panels, where you can see empty spots, were meant to have marble scenes as well but the ship bringing them from Italy sunk.  Interesting the stuff you learn.

After that we caught a bus into town and climbed up to the castle from Princes St Gardens for another cache.  A nice spot... a great view as well.  When we reached the top we battled tourists on the Royal Mile to get to the Museum of Childhood.  It's a pretty cool place with lots of old toys and stuff.  It's free as well so made for a cheap afternoon.

Museum of Childhood - teddyMuseum of Childhood - go kartMuseum of Childhood - matrioshka dollsMuseum of Childhood - teddy bear's picnic

Museum of Childhood - evil puss in bootsMuseum of Childhood - close up of puss in bootsThe oddest thing was this creepy Puss In Boots we saw.

After the Museum of Childhood we sat in a cafe and spent a couple of hours planning what to do in Berlin.  We go there at the end of August, in time for Justin's 28th birthday.  We're planning on celebrating with beer and schnitzel, how else?  Lots of things planned for August, it's very exciting. 

We've booked all our accommodation now and all the transport as well.  Now we're just waiting and working the last month here in Edinburgh.  We finish up at work on the last day of July and then leave Edinburgh itself on the 6th August.  I would say that we can't wait, but really we can.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas though!  :)


PS - Apologies for the typo on my last entry.  As a correction: we leave Edinburgh on the 6th August and arrive in Perth on the 6th September.  The time in between we'll be spending travelling around Europe.  Sorry for any confusion.


Monument 01
Monument 02
Monument 03
View from castle hill


July 7, 2008
Glad you are finding interesting things to do on your days off!
Our trip to Thailand and Vietnam begins on August 28. We will be riding our bicycles in Vietnam when you are exploring Europe.
Hope you have a great birthday, Justin. I believe it is on Aug 28, n'est ce pas?
Raining here for last 2 days. Water tanks full.
Quintin left for NY on July4 for 3 weeks holiday with friend he has known for some years - since they were both at school.
Hope he actually has some time not working!
Great to hear from you again as always!
Love to you both.
Mumma & Peter
July 8, 2008
Creepy looking puss!

I reccomend bike touring in Berlin - go to

Jean Gallimore:
July 8, 2008
Good to hear of your life Endinburgh, which is coming to an end, next a whilwind tour of Europe ? If you get to southern Spain it will feel more like home to you, lots of heat! Have spent many holidays in Spain, a beautiful country, as so is France.
Make the most of it, long way to come again once you ar back in your homeland.
Fond regards to you both, Jean
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