The final countdown... dah, dah, dah, dah!

July 21, 2008 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Yep, cheesy '80s music theme for this entry.

It's just over two weeks until we leave Edinburgh and we have a lot to squeeze in. We have some fringe festival shows planned, including the curiously titled "Bad Movie Club". Hmmm...

For the past week I've had a cold and spent a couple of days in bed feeling sorry for myself. Laura and Justin soon cured me of the blues with a trip around Musselburgh to see the sights, and find some caches. Justin is a bit funny around seagulls now after an incident a few weeks ago where he was shat on. Pretty funny really.

Graveyard boogie-ness 01This is Scotland's idea of a beachThe three musketeers... ishMel and her mouse!

Justin was excited that we came across the oldest operating golf course in the world at Musselburgh.  And if you look closely at the picture above on the far right, you will see a mouse!

Justin at the oldest operating golf courseJustin and his seagull nemesis

After it started raining and we were exhausted we headed to the Sheeps Heid Inn for dinner and then into town for a movie.  A big day.  So it's no wonder that we slept in the next day!  I've been meaning to go to the National Gallery ever since we arrived in Edinburgh so we went on Sunday.  It was pretty impressive, surprisingly.  We saw works by Titian, Rembrandt, Boticelli, Monet, Rafael and lots more.  You can't take photos so, unfortunately, I don't have any to put up.  But click here to see my favourite, it's well worth it!

Today we went to the National Portrait Gallery, which wasn't as impressive as the National Gallery.  The main foyer had some really beautiful murals that we liked, though.  It was actually a lovely, sunny day today so we made the most of it by doing a little sunbaking.  It seems half of Edinburgh had the same idea!

Me sliding down the bannister!It's sunny!He went that-a-way!Writing

Our weekly trip to the library to pick up some more books followed and then home.  We now have only ten days left at work before we're on holiday again.  Woohoo!



Seagull: Justin's nemesis
Justin and his seagull nemesis
The three musketeers... ish
I have no idea what I was thinking...


Jean Gallimore:
July 21, 2008
Thanks for posting latest blog, you have certainly had time to get to know Edinburgh quite well, now ready for pastures new, Look forward to following your progress in Europe.
I`ve been deeply absorbed in researching my family tree for some time, will soon meet a relative from N.Zealand whose folks left this area in 1920`s. Recently made contact with another from Randwick, Sydney, and a couple from Canada.
All fascinating, but time consuming!!
Bon Voyage and best wishes from Jean
July 21, 2008
Love the photos, Mel. Strangely enough, I have just acquired a cold ,too! I recall some child sneezing or coughing on me last week and a few days later, BANG!
Peter and I are looking forward to our departure in five weeks' time for Eastern regions.
Glad you managed to get to the galleries.
Love from Mumma and Peter.
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