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August 5, 2008 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We leave Edinburgh tomorrow after being here for five months.  We finished work on Thursday and quickly slippedinto holiday mode.  On Saturday Laura took us to Anstruther and StAndrews.  We missed a few sights in St Andrews the last time we went sothis time we saw some ruins of the old cathedral which were prettycool.  There are a heap of photos under the Anstruther & St Andrews album.

More castle ruins at St AndrewsJustin playing around St Andrews CathedralSt Andrews Cathedral 08Stone coffins 02

Anstruther is quite famous for their fish and chips and I cansay with out a doubt they are the best  I've had in a very long time. We were lucky enough to see the lifeboat doing an exercise when we wereat Anstruther as well.  It was pretty cool to watch them launch it.

Anstruther 04Justin walking along a wall at AnstrutherLaura playing peek-a-booClose up of headless bird... creepy

It's Fringe Festival time here and the atmosphere is fantastic.  Thereare lots of free shows going on daily, lots of street performers aswell.  On Sunday we saw a group of Irish comedians, two were funny butthe other two missed the mark.  We also saw the Bad Film Club which isa group who buy dvds from second hand shops and then play them whilecommentating and taking the piss.  Really funny.  So we got to see theclassic "Jaws 4".  Crap movie but we had a good time.

We met somepeople from work on Sunday night for a few farewell drinks.  It wasnice to see that a few people came out, good friends.  Photos under The Oz Bar album.

Zoé, Kev, Kim, Me, Justin and DanDan and Justin after a few drinksJohn and meLesley with her rabbit ears

Yesterday we did a little bit of packing and sorting our stuff out.  Wewent out later on to meet Laura and Rich.  We were going to see Rich'sfriend, Stephen K Amos, who's on the telly a bit back in Australia butthe show was sold out.  So instead we saw a fantastic show called "DeadCat Bounce" which was three guys doing sketch comedy.  Very wellperformed and directed.  I think you would have loved it, mum.

Today is packing an tidying day but we may go see a show later on.  There are so many venues for the festival you can pretty much just rock up and there will be something on no matter what the time of day.

So we`ll be in Dublin tomorrow!  I`ll be sure to be sure to add an update!



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August 5, 2008
Taa, Mel and thanks for itinerary!
Really looking forward to seeing you again in Sept.
Enjoy the rest of your adventures.
Mumma and Peter
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