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August 22, 2008 - Florence, Italy

Ah, finally a chance to write an updatebut the internet is down! So I am writing this with the hope that bythe time that I get to upload it it won't be out of date! We're inNice, France right now and will leave tomorrow for Florence, Italy. The tour has been fantastic. Lots of fun people enjoying themselveswhile getting a “best of” tour of Europe.

We left England on Friday the 15thvia a ferry from Dover to Calais. The ferry's are huge things andours was run by P&O so I can finally say I was on a cruise! Thecliffs of Dover were really impressive and the day was so beautifulthat we all sat on the outside deck in the sun. We arrived in Calaisand met up with our Topdeck crew; Ash, Wazza and Welshy. They areall top blokes and are doing a great job.

Our first stop was Paris where we had anight tour of all the sights and a walking tour of Monte Martre andSacre Coeur. We were given a free day so Justin and I wanderedaround the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa. It was pretty disappointingbecause we couldn't get close to the painting due to the number ofpeople pushing! Bizarre. We walked all over Paris and saw the NotreDame Cathedral and finished the evening with a picnic under theEiffel Tower and a cruise on the River Seine.

Our second stop was in Lauterbrunnen,Switzerland. It was quite cold at night so I dragged out my wintercoat. It's stunningly beautiful. We hiked up one of the mountains,but cheated by taking a gondola ride. Justin took a dip in a glacialstream as well... the video is hilarious! The drive fromLauterbrunnen to Avignon was long. Very long. But it passed quicklydue to the dress-ups for “Incredibly Camp Tuesday”. Basicallyevery Tuesday we dress incredibly camply and play incredibly campsongs. Justin wore one of my singlets all day. Pretty funnywatching guys dressed in girls clothes going into service stationsfor a toilet break.

Avignon has some pretty coolarchitecture, including the Palace of the Popes. We were there foronly one night, unfortunately, but we made the most of it. Our driveto Antibes, on the French Riviera, was relatively short and broken upby a trip to a French Perfumery. So I now have some awesome smellystuff! Our first night we went into Monte Carlo, Monaco, and had apicnic dinner overlooking Nice. Monte Carlo has to be seen to bebelieved. It is lah-dee-dah to a tee! Ferrari's and Lamborghini'severywhere. We satisfied ourselves with losing a few Euro in one ofthe casinos and then drinking cocktails. Fun, fun, fun!

This morning we went into Nice whereJustin and I walked to a look-out and took some photos. The beachesare amazing with beautiful blue water. They don't have sand but flatpebbles that are nice to lie on. The water is cool and gets deepvery quickly so you don't get huge dumpers of waves. We took a dipin the Mediterranean and sunned ourselves on the pebbles. And I didnot get sunburned thanks to lots of slip-slop-slapping!

Tomorrow we leave for Florence via adetour to Pisa to see the leaning tower. We're hoping the weatherstays the beautiful sunny, 30-odd-degree days that we've had for thelast few. After Florence is Rome for a few more days and then Venicewhere our tour ends.





On the P&O Cruise...
View from Mont Matre
Under the Eiffel Tower
Upside down?


Jean Gallimore:
August 22, 2008
Many thanks for the update, I guess you could call that a whirlwind tour, better than not seeing places at all, glad to hear that the weather is now more like you are used to. You deserve a medal for coping with our weather here in the u.k., although your grandma told me that it`s quite cold in Gympie just now!
Look forward to the next instalment
Love to you both Jean
August 26, 2008
Hey guys,
Great to hear you are having so much fun but I can't believe you actually liked the pebble beached. Bring on the white sand any day! Enjoy Florence - it is beautiful.
Where will you be on Justin's b-day?
I am sure it will be fantastic no matter where you are.
xox Sti
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