The Dark Side of Ayacucho

March 25, 2008 - Ayacucho, Peru

A couple things I did forget to mention which put a much more gritty twist on my glorified narration of our trip:

For one, some people were VERY drunk by 5am, meaning we saw street cleaners who were clearing the remains of bonfires for the procession have to violently shake a man awake who had passed out in the street. We also saw some drunk teenagers falling all over each other, fighting, vomiting etc... Also, surprisingly unrelated to drinking, people just take pisses in the street like it’s no big deal. Our walk home always reeked of urine and we’d see at least ten men lined up in different places along the buildings taking a leak, all of which ran down the sidewalk. While we were waiting for the bulls I saw a woman just squat down in the street in front of hundreds of people in pure daylight and just pee in a little puddle under her skirt. Totally disgusting. Also, there are absolutely no trashcans to be found anywhere in the city even on such a big holiday, so everyone just tosses their trash in the street. I think it might just be the system that’s inefficient because the people of Ayacucho do seem to take a lot of pride in their city and by Sunday morning everything – every scrap of sawdust, every beer can, had been cleaned off the streets by people working all through the night and morning. Even the pee was washed away by buckets of water. It was eerily normal, as if Semana Santa had never even happened. Anyway, even with the piss on our shoes it was still an amazing experience I wouldn't trade for the world.


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March 26, 2008
Also, how weird is this: The last meal we ate in Ayacucho, there was this middle aged American guy helping to wait on us. We got to talking and turns out he is from Springfield, VA but now lives in South Carolina, and you'd never guess where: West Columbia! What a small world right?
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