Packing while it rained, Barcas and call me crazy!

May 28, 2009 - London, United Kingdom


Insomnia has struck again...  I think though that problem is that I didn't wake up until almost noon this (yesterday) morning.  I'm so off my clock!  I've had trouble falling asleep for the past few weeks and tonight I was just totally fed up so I got up and watched the sun come up over the ghetto buildings in Islington out my window, then drank so coffee so I won't get tired suddenly.

So today I got up pretty late for me.  I got myself ready which was faster than normal with my new short hair.  I grabbed my brelly and dared to brave the rain.  I had planned to walk around London no matter the weather and take pictures and just enjoy.  You know, a little writing, thinking, people watching, taking pictures, be a bohemian, blah, blah, blah.  But it was so windy and my brelly popped backwards and I had to hang onto it so it wouldn't fly away.  I honestly could have done a Mary Poppins if I wanted.  I knew almost instantly that I wouldn't be able to take pictures so I gave in, went to Tesco and got some stuff for dinner and headed back to my room to pack.  I knew it'd be better weather today.  This was yesterday, but it feels like today because I didn't sleep, I'm so confused.

So I spent the afternoon watching Frasier and packing.  I honestly got a lot done and I think I'm almost done, I was pretty excited.  I was quite creative with my packing.  I put souvenirs into socks, scarves and T-shirts to protect them.  I also put some things into shoes so help protect them, can't be too cautious with airlines these day.  My favorite was putting two shot glasses in socks and then into my travel coffee mug.  Damn, I might need that today, oh well.  I also had to pack up the giant pile of brochures and tickets that I've collected over the time I've been here.  It's a huge pile, and I counted 83 tickets that I've saved!  I was tearing up because it's my job.  I realized how much I've done and seen.  I looked at my ticket to the Manchester United match I went to and that seems years ago but it's not at all.  I think it's because I've done so much and been so busy.  But really even the first few days here seem like years ago.  I digress....

After I had dinner and then went out with some of the guys from down the hall to watch the UEFA Champions League final between ManU and Barcelona.  It was jam packed with ManU fans, which made me happy and I felt safe, as YES I wore my shirt proudly!  There were no Barca fans there at all.  There were non ManU fans but they'd rather root for an English club than Barca.  In short, Barca scored 9 minutes in and killed United.  It was sad and pathetic to watch.  They had such a great season and threw it away, hmmm who does that sound like?  They just could keep possession and were simply out played.  They lost 2-0.  Thankfully though, there was not rioting or fighting or whatever, I think that's because most ManU wanted to run home and hide.  But it was an experience to watch the match in a pub.  Pretty cool and crazy.  Then I came back, tried to sleep and now I'm here.

Now, I have a big day planned.  Call me crazy but, I'm going to do a walk literally all around London.  There are so many places that I've been without my camera and now I'm bringing it.  I also have to go to Harrods and get something for Iris!  But first, more coffee!

Cheers, Mark

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May 29, 2009
Hey, we checked at Harrod's too, but they didn't have any toys for pets...

(Lots of neat toys for little girls and boys -- and OLDER boys too!)

See you SOON!!!

Luv, Dad
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