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May 27, 2009 - London, United Kingdom

Oh my goodness, I just got back from seeing Peter Pan.  I'll just say I never want to grow up; it was so so so sooooooo good.  I loved it so much.  For those who don't know, the real Peter Pan is very very different from the Disney version and there is no singing and Tinker Bell is a bitch.  No seriously, she swears and is basically a whore, it's awesome.  It's based off the book.

It was brilliant.  We saw it in the Kensington Gardens in a specially built pavilion of tents.  The largest of which held the theatre, built in the in the round style and could hold almost 1,100 people.  It was awesome.  They flew like everyone and were so great.  They also used the tent as part of the set and projected CGI images onto it.  It was like a giant screen all around the top of the tent, think like that giant screen in the China Olympics that that guy ran around during the opening ceremony.  OR better yet, it reminded me of a planetarium.  It was so neat.  And guess who was Captain Hook!  Jonathan Hyde!!!  Okay, so you'll all probably like who?  But he was in Titanic (the White Star Line press guy who wanted the ship to go faster then realized he was practically to blame for the crash and then jumped onto the lifeboat like a little weasel!)  He was also the Egyptologist in The Mummy and the poacher in Jumanji!  It was so exciting.  Geri was like it's that guy from...and we both just about clicked at the same time and we freaked out because it was so exciting.  He was really good and added the depth of Captain Hook that a lot of people don't know is there.  The guy who was Peter was really good too and though he's Mel's age he did well playing a younger character.  The coolest part was of course when they all flew to Never Land.  They raised them high above the stage up into the tent and the screens made it look like they were flying out of their house and over London.  It was so neat, really magical.  They flew past like everything it was so neat.

Now, I've done Peter Pan before, and we did this version but with little kids so we dumbed it down a bit.  But the bulk of it was the same; I really forgot how good it is.  So much fun and heartwarming and touching and at the part when Tinker Bell is about to die, because it happens, when you say "I believe in ferries" Geri's sister Tina and I were like yelling it.  It was just so good; I didn't want it to end.  It was one of those, perfect escapes from reality.  And it was really special because it was Geri and I's fourth mouth anniversary of being here AND it was opening night of the show AND it was in Kensington Gardens where J.M. Barrie wrote it AND where's it's based.  I mean come on; the pavilion was across the lake from the Peter Pan statue.  It was amazing, I loved it.  And then we all went and got gelato!!!!!!!

Cheers, Mark

P.S. Thinking back to Louis and other times in my life, I think I found the best quote about death...if there is one.  But I really like it; "To die, will be an awfully big adventure" -Peter Pan.  Okay, but death still sucks, but I also like at the end when he says "to live, would be an awfully big adventure."

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