Los Angeles

July 24, 2008 - Los Angeles, California, United States

 After the blood pumping day at Laguna I had planned to chill out in LA for 5 days before heading towards the Grand Canyon. The chilled out went down the pan on the first day when i bumped into Stevo (Aus) and Tom (London). We managed to score an invite to our first proper American house party which was eventful - all the classic drinking games and mischief you see on TV!

The relaxtion was also scuppered by a 6.0 earthquake which hit whilst i was there. I had always wanted to be in an earthquake just to experience it but 1 second in and I was bricking it! All of the locker doors in my room were banging open and closed and the building was shaking big time. Another life experience to tick off the list but Im in no hurry to be caught in another one.

I chilled on Santa Monica beach most days and took a ride down to Venice and the famous muscle beach where Arnie started off in his bodybuilding days. I was going to get involved and pump some iron with the big bys but I didnt want to embarrass them ;-)

LA wasnt really my cup of tea so I bugged out fairly sharpish and headed to Flagstaff, Arizona to see Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon.



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