Gallavanting Again...2 weeks in Japan

April 14, 2010 - Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, United States

It seems like just yesterday we arrived back from our big trip.  But it has been well over a year, and so we are very ready for another trip.  This time Japan, but unfortunately only for a quick 2 week break.

Ed is heading over to see the MotoGP and Deb is gatecrashing and going with him.  Initially we didn't really have any idea what was in Tokyo apart from it being another  big city.  But after studying Lonely Planet guides and reading google websites, we have discovered there is sooooo much to see and have realised that 2 weeks is going to be no where near enough time to see it all.  We have a feeling this might be the first trip of many to this country.

We've split the trip up so we can experience as much as we can in the short time we are there.  For such a small country, Japan has such a contrast between cities.   We would like to experience everything from the insane crowds and uber modern architecture, to the ridiculously quirky Japanese fashionista, to the historical temples and traditional culture, as well as seeing the beautiful countryside.  So we have a lot to cram in, and we expect we will be totally exhausted by the time we get back home.

Our plans are to fly into Tokyo and spend a few days here.  There is so much to see in this city as you can imagine, so we will try to cram in all the highlights as we can.   We will be arriving just a few days too late to see the annual cherry blossoms unfortunately, but we will hopefully see a few stray pink blossoms on the trees.  We would like to get up a skyscraper to check out the view of the city.  We will get ourselves completely lost on the trains, be dazzled by neon lights of the city, be amused by crazy Japanese street fashion, hopefully visit a museum, the Imperial palace and whatever else we stumble across.

We then will head to Kyoto on one of the bullet trains where we will change our pace and spend our time there immersed in the culture and old Japan.  We will check out ancient temples, old narrow streets with paper lanterns, wooden buildings, markets, geishas.  We are extrememly fortunate to have pre-purchased some tickets to see a Geisha Dance and Tea ceremony.   Geishas are very elusive these days and you need to be very wealthy and not a foreigner to be able to witness them entertaining in tea houses.  However every year in April they have a Cherry blossom festival and during this period the Geisha and their apprentices do public shows of their dance and will perform a traditional tea ceremony.

At this stage of the trip we will go our separate ways.  Ed is going to go back to Tokyo and then head a few hours up North to a town called Motegi where he will spend a few days at the MotoGP.  He is armed with his Aussie flag, hat, teeshirt, and blow up pointy finger thing so I hope for his sake Mr Stoner wins the race.  I expect by the time he gets back to Tokyo after the race he will be ready for a detox too from japanese beer.  I think Ed will be in his element up there, beer/bikes/blokes and camping rough.

I have taken a rain check on this, and have instead decided to go to Takayama which is a scenic town in the mountainous Hida region.  While it is tourisy, it has retained it's traditional touch like few other Japanese cities, especially in it's preserved Old Town.  One of the main reasons I would like to visit this area is for the Hida Folk Village which is an open air museum exhibiting old farmhouses and traditional buildings which are all preserved inside and out.

Ed and I plan to reunite back in Tokyo where we will have a few days at the end of the trip. Weather depending, we would like to take a day trip to view Mt Fuji, and do any last minute shopping or siteseeing before coming back home.



Blue mtns house - new carpet selection
Blue mtns house - new carpet selection
Blue Mtns house - bathroom after repaint
Blue Mtns house - bathroom after repaint

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April 14, 2010
Best Luck in this trip Guys!!

Ed: Get Big in Japan !!
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