While the Cat's away

September 12, 2008 - Halifax, United Kingdom

Well Ed has gone on a spur of the moment trip to France. He left on Wed and is back next Tuesday. He's gone over to a place called Fontainebleau which is a world renowned bouldering area. He's always wanted to go and so when he saw some super cheap flights we felt he should jump at the opportunity, after all that's why we're over here. He had a few hiccups when he arrived with the hire car and then getting hopelessly lost in Paris but a few hours later he found his way to where he needed to be and he is now happily ensconced in a super cheap camping ground and in his element bouldering all day with the sun shining. I'm sure he will update everyone on his return with his stories, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, I am very much enjoying having the house to myself. It is amazing how tidy it is here without a man around! I'm loving having the bed all to myself too...I could get used to this!I have been keeping busy with fun things too. Last weekend the village down the road, Sowerby Bridge, had it's annual Rushbearing Festival which myself and Tania went to. Rushbearing dates back several centuries to the time when rushes provided floor covering in the churches. Each year, the old, rotten rushes were thrown out and new ones were taken to the churches in carts. This gradually turned into a celebration involving revelry, music and morris dancing. The modern Festival is the only one of its kind in Yorkshire. The focal point of the event is the sixteen feet high, two-wheeled, handsomely decorated and thatched Rushcart, which is pulled by sixty local men dressed in Panama hats, white shirts, black trousers and clogs. They are accompanied by music and five or six teams of morris dancers. A team of young ladies take turns to ride on top of the cart. A very precarious position indeed. The colourful procession is an unforgettable spectacle as it winds its way through local villages over the course of the weekend.

Last night Tania and I went down to the local cinema to see Mamma Mia. If you haven't seen it yet I would 100% recommend it. It was absolutely fantastic and the best cinema experience I have ever had. There was a queue down the street to get in, every girl over the age of 35 in the area must have turned up! It was funny and sad and a quite good storyline. At the end of the movie we had three separate rounds of applause from the audience, and people were clapping and singing along to the Abba songs that everyone knew every single word to.

We only have just over three weeks left now in the UK so time is ticking by very quickly. Work is flat out but I'm enjoying it, I am going to be sad to leave as I've really enjoyed working there this time around. But new pastures are beaconing so we have lots to look forward to.


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