Life is nearly back to normal

March 28, 2009 - Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, United States

We've now been home for a couple of months although it only seems like yesterday when we got back.  We have been pretty busy trying to settle back into reality so believe it or not, we still haven't managed to catch up with everyone yet.  We haven't done any outdoor climbing either as we've had so much on we haven't had a chance to get up to the mountains. We've spent quite abit of time fixing up our unit and just sorting stuff out which has been alot more time consuming than we anticipated.

We evicted our tenant from the blue mountains place and he is due to move out in 2 weeks, just before Easter long weekend which is perfect timing for us (assuming he doesn't decide to become a squatter!).  He has not left the house in very good condition so unfortunately we have alot of work ahead of us over the next few months.  We are having to rip out the front garden and re-landscape, repaint the inside and outside, recarpet, replace all the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and reinstall the showerscreens.  Lots of elbow grease ahead of us, but we have decided not to re-let it when we have finished so we can use it as our holiday house again so it will all be worth it.

We are both working again.  Ed got a job pretty soon after we arrived back at a plumbing company so that was handy.  He gets the use of their company truck too which is very useful.  Deb spent the first 6 weeks sorting out the house and eventually got a job through word of mouth.  A friend from the climbing gym had a 3mth contract as a Project Officer at the University of NSW, and has very kindly given Deb the job.  It's looking like it might be extended so hopefully she will get to stay on and gain some further experience so she can finally move out of IT once and for all.

Deb has taken up swimming again and so most Sunday mornings you will find her down at the big outdoor pool doing her laps and then during the week she will go to her friends house and swim in her unit's pool for practise.  Monday nights are back to regular indoor climbing with her three girlfriends - which tends to be more of a social gossip session than actual climbing.  Ed climbs indoors a few times a week as well and as it's his birthday in a week and if he's lucky he might score himself a few vouchers to a golf club so he can go and play a few holes after work.

The biggest news for us is we have a new addition to our family.  After all these years of desperately wanting and dreaming about getting a dog, Deb finally got a   Due to the fact that we are living in a unit, a dog was just not practical or fair but we still wanted a furball in the house, so we are now the proud slaves of a 2 yr old ragdoll cat called Eleanor (Ellie for short).  She is an ex-breeder and as you will see by the photos I have uploaded, she is very pretty and 100% cute.  She's an adult size but hasn't matured yet and so still acts like a silly kitten.  Deb chose the ragdoll breed as she was attracted to the personality type.  They are meant to be super cuddly and go limp in your arms but it looks like our Ellie is abit of a throwback!  She is NOT a lapcat and yells abuse if we pick her up!!  Saying that, she is very much a people cat and loves our company, will follow us from room to room and wait outside the door when we get home, and she is a real character.   She is slowly mellowing though, today Deb was very privaleged as Ellie got up onto her lap of her own accord and sat there for awhile.  Anyway she is a great pleasure to us and we are just absolutely loving her in our family, and hoping to have many years of fun with her.

We hope all our overseas friends are well and happy, we still miss you all terribly.  We love being home and are looking forward to catching up with everyone who we haven't had the chance to see as soon as possible.


Blackwater Rafting Trip - Waitomo Caves
Blackwater Rafting Trip - Waitomo Caves
Blackwater Rafting Trip - Waitomo Caves


March 30, 2009
I think Ellie is very beautiful and seems to be very spoilt alrady and has taken over the house with all her relaxed poses. enjoy her
Welcome back and it would be nice to meet for
lunch,coffee or just a drink sometime
Loretta Bolzan:
March 30, 2009
Hi Deb,

I have read your bulletins over time re your trip and enjoyed travelling the world with you and Ed.

Hope to catch up with you asap.


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