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May 2, 2009 - Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, United States

So our tenant moved out of the Blue Mtns house just before Easter and we have spent every weekend since covered in paint and dust.

Unfortunately Ed was on call all of Easter weekend (much to his discust!) so Deb came up to do the final inspection and make a start on painting.  Deb brought her mate Robyn up with her to help with coffee and gossip duties while Deb painted all the cornices in the house.  Surprisingly, the tenant left the place in fairly good condition.  We were shocked as only a few weeks earlier the place looked like a squatters joint.  All our furniture was left in good condition, and while the place needs a massive clean, it is way better than we anticipated.

Robyn and I had time to go for lunch in a cafe down the road as well as a little drive to some lookouts.  This is the first time Deb has been up to the mtns in 2 yrs so it was quite nice to go back to old lookouts and see them again and the views just looked stunning.

Since that weekend we have made a fair bit of progress.  The front garden has been demolished, we ripped everything out except 2-3 of our favourite plants.  We have re-laid the footpaths and trimmed down all the bigger trees.  Ed has enlisted the help of his mates and they have done a fantastic job and already it looks 100% better.  Our friends have a huge property down the road so Ed went down and cut some of their trees down and used them to create borders for all the paths and it looks brilliant.  There is photos I have uploaded, but these do no justice to the real thing.  Even the landscaper that came to deliver stones said it looked awesome and he did not expect it to look so good.  Ed has made a start on the back yard too and has removed some shrubs to thin it all out down one side.

Inside Deb has painted all the ceilings.  Yep, that's it!  Compared to Ed's hard work she has done nothing!  But in my defense, I didn't have an army of mates helping me!  All I can say is that if you ever plan on painting your ceilings - get someone else to do it.  What a b*tch of a job!  I put the second coat on today so thankfully it's all done.  The fun part starts tomorrow when I get to paint the new colour onto the walls.  I've done all the cutting in, just need to roll now and it will make the world of difference as there is black marks all over the place - god knows what the tenant has been doing.

It appears the tenant had never vacuumed, or cleaned the oven or tiles either so Debs been using abit of elbow grease to scrub them all back too.

Other than giving our little house a facelift, we havent really done anything else.  Both of us are still working in the same jobs.  Still doing indoor climbing, swimming and normal stuff like that during the week.

Our little whiskered friend has settled into our family nicely.  She is a lovely little cat and loads of fun.  She loves playing, everything in the house she has claimed as her personal toys, nothing is sacred.  She sleeps on our bed at night - even though Ed's one main rule was No Cats on The Bed.  What he doesn't know, won't hurt him!  She follows us everywhere we go including the shower - she is obsessed with the fact that we are on the inside of this strange door and she is on the outside.  In a few weeks time when we have the house in the mountains sorted she will be allowed to come on holidays with us on the weekend which hopefully will be nice for her instead of being left all by herself on the weekend.

So we've uploaded progress photos of our house and garden reno's and will keep uploading them over the next few weeks.  We have a long way to go yet so we'll just keep plugging away at it till it's all done.  Then hopefully we can start doing fun things again like climbing and stuff which we havent done at all since arriving back.  We still haven't managed to catchup with everyone since coming back either, it's been 3mths and we feel terrible that we have not been able to see everyone but we will as soon as our weekends are free from fixing up the house - we promise :-)

We hope you are all well and happy :-)




Blue Mtns house - Before Photo

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May 14, 2009
Hi Guys, finally got to read your blogg - high speed internet is fantastic after slow speed Tonga! Approve of the colour of the flat and can't wait to meet Miss Ellie and the mountains front garden looks amazing. Don't do everything too quickly - I like painting and gardening and would love to give you a hand. See you in just 2 sleeps ....
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