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February 23, 2009 - Nadi, Fiji

Hi everyone! Im writing this on my ipod, so please forgive me for any typos. Ive spent the past two day walking around the city looking for a place to live. The main thing Ive heared is that school started back up and there are very limited places to live. The main ones that are available now are high end and the rent is pretty rediculous. I also learned that it's typical to be charged extra for the ability to have hot and cold water! They claim it's because there are two different water cylinders. It seems businesses around here love to charge for any possible extra they can imagine. I also confirmed the one's Internet plan is set up upon how much you download, like a prepaid phone. If you go over your allowance, your connection is cut off. It all seems like a racket to me. I was able to finally make contact with the Lang household. Actually I spoke to Mrs Lang's son. He was excited to talk to someone from the States. I told him I called because my Grandma plays cards with his Grandma in the States, and that I heared that I may be able to rent a room. He seemed excited about the possibility of another American living there. He then gave me his mom's cell, where I left a message for her. We'll see how of all plays out... But I must say, all this trying then waiting to see what happens is getting frustrating not to mention tiring in a way too. I also set up my 'magic bus tour' today too. The tour will send me all over the country side and both the North & South Islands. I'll be able to get stop and re-start my tour at any point. And it's valid for a year, so that should help me see as much as possible and continue to meet various people. Absolutely everyone says the south island is the place to go. So I'm excited to start that when I can. Oh yea, I hear I keep forgeting to mention the weather. Thursday, Friday were dismally grey and extremely wet as it poured. However, Saturday when I hiked it was about 75 and sunny. I was sunburnt pretty good. Sunday & today were beautiful days. 75 & sunny as well. Another update... Mrs Lang called me back. She said as soon as she returned from work her little boy eagerly told her that I called. She said she could pick me up tomorrow after work and show me her place and the available room. She said it's pretty small... But honestly, I think it will be hard not to beat the 6 x 10 room I'm in now. I promise provide updates. Keep warm and be sure to annoy your pups for me- Harlie,Gus, Bella,Mason, Gidget & Archie Love Mike I promise to keep you all up to date as things unfold.


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February 23, 2009
Let us know how everything works out with the room!
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