Hurricane Tomas October 30

October 30, 2010 - Castries, Saint Lucia

  What a mess!  I always wanted to experience really bad weather, sick person I am.  But, after going through Hurricane Tomas, I never want to be near one again.  We had only gotten off the yacht in St Vincent the day before.   It's funny because Ian had trouble finding the weather several days sailing and I teased him... oh you know it’s going to be the same, “10-15 kph blowing S to SE, 20% chance of rain and partly cloudy.”  Just like every weather report anytime I ever check the Caribbean weather.  Don't we get back in and Barefoot charters is just about to call in all their yachts and they were battening down their boats, removing jibs, putting out extra mooring lines etc. A tropical disturbance of a rather large size had developed over Africa and was quickly forming and chances of it becoming a hurricane high.  Ok, Ian I get it now.

 We made it to St Lucia where we’re to spend 7+ days and hopefully get dive certified….  Just in time for a lovely dinner with new friends, the Frosts from the UK and then… 

Tomas caused 27+ hours of unrelenting rain and wind leaving a pretty devastating aftermath.  I feel so bad for the locals.  Many of the local folks in Marigot bay have lost their roofs, yachts, dinghies, or worse their homes.  Both ferries that are used in Marigot Bay sank too.  The National Hurricane agency reported Tomas a Category 1 which rose to a Category 2 shortly after St. Lucia but, the locals all say that due to the length of time and the volume it rained, that it was much worse than the Category 3 3 years ago.

We were awoken to a knock on the door at 6 AM asking for Ian to help with hurricane shutters. From then on the rain and wind was never ending.   The day consisted of pretty much sitting around waiting for it to end.  With the rain coming sideways there was various degrees of flooding throughout the in. We had a ground floor room and had to evacuate during the day to a room upstairs as our room was flooded.   So when we weren't mopping we sat and watched the storm or we read, played games, ate and drank rum punch.  Funny, nobody really stayed in their rooms.  It was quite a bonding experience and we huddled in the huge living room

It just never stopped and after the eye passed 20 mi. south of St. Lucia after 2 or 3 pm the wind and rain got much worse until 8 PM.  The power went out sometime during the day but Judith fired up the generator which thankfully lasted through our impromptu dinner prepared by Judith for all 9 guests.  She's simply AMAZING!  Thanks to Karyn McDaniel I still had provisions left from the boat and we used that to feed the kids cheesy pasta. 

We’ve met a great family from the UK.  They are traveling with the 2 boys, Tom aged 5 and Harry aged 8.  It’s been great for Scott as they’ve kept him busy when he isn’t absorbed in his 5th Percy Jackson novel.  Sandra and Chris and boys were due to leave the night after the hurricane but BA cancelled the flight and they were unable to book a flight home for another week.  Yay for us!

Things are getting back to order, a few restaurants open today, the paths are cleared, the ferry has been bailed and operating back and forth across the bay again. Hoping to go whale watching tomorrow.  Here's cheers to a happy ending!

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November 2, 2010
I'm just so glad you are all safe. Lv Mom
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